CATS2008 Session: Contributing to the CATS Knowledge Base

Kevin Kelly from SFSU is guiding us in the use of the CATS Knowledge Base, a new wiki hosted by the Center for Distributed Learning where the collected wisdom of CATS and the CATS email lists can be collected. I’d contributed an early article to the ‘base about JAWS accessibility of our LMS for students, and since then only a few articles have been started. Today we’re brainstorming new articles and starting stubs – hands-on, in a computer lab.

It’s a much simpler system than our enterprise wiki, but that’s to our advantage here as the hope busy technologists from across the spectrum of job titles will quickly capture and share those little methods, ideas and FAQs that come up on every campus in similar ways.

Questions for the next implementation phase:

  • Under what license can/should material be shared and released?
  • Is it ethical to repost information from a source as opposed to linking to it?
  • Currently the Knowledge Base user accounts are restricted to anyone with a .edu account – but is that too broad?
  • At what point should the community develop editors or wiki-gardeners who check the veracity and quality of articles authoritatively?

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