CATS2008 session: Flash video captioning

one possible workflow:
1. ExpressScribe (free mac/pc) to help create transcription – need audio file version of video
2. Captionate software to create synchronization file (DXFP format XML)
3. Flash 8 to integrate FLV, SWF, XML for progressive download video with captions on 2-line lower third – this uses some ActionScript cut/pasting. Joel Bennett will provide the script with his presentation.

The real advantage here is that Captionate is able to directly import and play the FLV asset during caption sync, where other programs require using an alternate or intermediate format like AVI or MPEG.

A Flash CS3-based process using Magpie caption synchronizer software is another alternative with more flexible caption location (outside video frame) and the software solution can be cheaper if you already have Flash CS3 (which we do) – refer to CATS knowledge base for more information on these practices.

Further excellent resource on Flash Video captions:


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