From the CATS town hall meeting

Polling question: What technology-related tools/trends are currently “hot” on your campus?
Answers: 30% web 2.0 (blogs, wiki, social networks), 27% clickers, 10% grassroots video, 10% podcasting. We voted 3 times to assess the top 3 per campus but I think the first result is the most interesting.
Question: What technology would you like to see on your campus? Big spike (30%) for podcasting! Clearly there’s a lot of interest in capturing and sharing media to extend learning opportunities.
30% of the audience would like to receive training in emerging technologies – for me, I feel very lucky to be able to do a lot of self-directed exploration of these technologies, which means I should be one of the people training that 30%!

At the end of the session, the exec council asked for feedback about the town hall. Reflecting on the fact that less than half the conference attendees showed up, and the fact that I practically missed breakfast to make the 8am meeting, I suggested to my favorite council member that having the town hall be the conference breakfast for day 2 would be a good idea – food is one of the most primal motivators of even the most evolved humanoids.

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