Fri., April 18, 2008: Camtasia Online Tutorial Showcase in Studio A

See how some faculty are using the software called Camtasia along with the facilities and support of TLP to create flash-based tutorials, recorded lectures, animated content and more for their students. These videos can be embedded in Vista, allowing students to view them over and over again, to help them understand your concepts. Quoting AMIS Department Chair, Gail Corbitt, “Jim Mensching has even put Camtasia into the classroom with assignments, and is using it to move all of his course content online to allow for more discussion time in the classroom. So his courses use the technology to get more bang for the buck and students seem to like it.” Come hear what Jim Mensching, Hsuying Ward, Colleen Hatfield, Denny Gier and Peter DiFalco are doing with Camtasia.
This event takes place in Studio A, located in the basement of Meriam Library. See the flyer or call Laura Sederberg at (530) 898-4326 for more information.