Epsilen: from LMS to GLS

Have you heard about Epsilen? Recently this comprehensive software product made higher education news when the New York Times purchased a 53% share in the course management system/social network/portfolio and communications tool and fueled the content with its own repository of news items and images.Originally developed by Purdue University, this web 2.0 learning platform is designed to encourage life long learners to continue to interact not only with peers, but also to connect to others interested in specific disciplines world-wide. According to product information this new mash up of social networking meets ePortfolios will revolutionize how students share their creations with others.One area I found especially interesting was the integration of an online environment where students can, “participate in various global learning groups beyond those just within their campus.” The potential for students to connect to possible life long learning opportunities could dramatically increase if Epsilen grows in the way they predict.Keep an eye out for this product. If the projected cost effectiveness turns out to be correct, universities may embrace global learning systems faster than anticipated.


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