Zamzar: Free Online File Conversion

ZamzarHave you ever received a file for which no suitable application to open it was available to you? Your anguish over those situations is now over; just use to transform your songs, videos, images and documents into different formats.

Zamzar’s mission is, “to provide high quality file conversion for as many file formats as possible.” Those of us in TLP have taken them at their word and put Zamzar to the test. The results have been nothing short of fabulous. Have a PDF you want to convert to MS Word? Not a problem. The same goes for taking YouTube videos and converting them into an editable format or changing audio files into formats easily played in an online learning system.

Finally, how does this work? First identify the file to be converted, next choose the format to which it is to be converted, send it and the results of the conversion are simply sent to your email. Generally Zamzar is pretty quick to return the results, however we have noticed as much as an hour wait for larger files to show up in the In-Box.

If you have any questions about using Zamzar, give us a call. We will be happy to assist.


3 thoughts on “Zamzar: Free Online File Conversion

  1. as said nothign less then fabulous….
    was just wonderign it works… basically how they convert this…. eg. rar to zip.. open and save again… 😀


    • I’m going to guess that they have a whole farm of conversion servers, and have developed applications specific to each type of conversion. Video conversions can be done these days with open-source programs that extract individual frames and create new video files, limited only by available computer horsepower. Other file conversions may require some more specialized software, such as converting from PDF to other formats. It’s been said that any sufficiently sophisticated technology will to the uninitiated appear indistinguishable from magic, and that works for me.


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