When Brett Christie came to CSU Chico to conduct his presentation about the Horizon Report and Web 2.0 applications, he demonstrated Sketchcast, “a new way to communicate something online by recording a sketch, optionally with your voice speaking.” The reaction to Sketchcast among the faculty who were in attendance was very positive. People seemed to especially like the tool because the resulting product could be embedded for play-back in an LMS, blog or web page.

Today Cris Guenter and I were speaking, and she pointed me to her inaugural “sketch” in which she describes the Rule of Thirds. I watched and my take on it is that for a first try, it is pretty darn good! She said she enjoyed making it and sharing it with others and when I checked this morning she had nearly 230 views!

It is my hope that others here at CSU Chico will investigate Sketchcast and possibly create some creative “sketches” to share with their students and colleagues. If you have tried it and want to share your reaction, we would enjoy hearing from you.

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