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If you are familar or not with teaching and learning in Second Life, you will most likely find this podcast by Jeremy Kemp to be enlighening as to the state of educational opportunities in immersive worlds. Kemp also discusses the integration of Second Life into an LMS and how it can advance learning for distance learners.

RezEd Podcast, Episode 7- Jeremy Kemp on Immersive Environments and their Opportunities

— Podcast: Jeremy Kemp of San Jose State University speaks on Immersive Environments and their Opportunities. This podcast also includes a news round-up and upcoming conference round-up. 

This podcast also features a special youth voice podcast <>  from Global Kids youth leaders involved in the production of this year’s virtual video machinima project in New York City. 

To listen to the podcast go to:



If you are interested in learning more about education in immersive worlds, please contact me, Ann Steckel, at


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