Creating Dynamic Online Learning Environments: Wimba Connects With Brain Research

Presented by: Janice Butler, University of Texas at Brownsville

Date: Dec 4
Time: 11 am Pacific Time
Place: Online – Register Here

The description:
What does the latest research on the physiology of the brain and the biology of learning have to say about effective online learning? This session will take a look at the works of James Zull and John Medina, relating the science of learning and effective teaching online. Within the context of brain research, strategies for using Wimba to encourage learning synchronously and asynchronously in an interactive, engaging, participatory and experiential environment will be discussed using a variety of Wimba examples.

Current and Evolving Accessibility Practices: Practical Advice


Original Date: October 21, 2008

Title: Current and Evolving Accessibility Practices: Practical Advice
from Two Institutions

Afsaneh Sharif & Donna Scalzo, Office of Learning Technology, University
of British Columbia
John Louviere & Neal Legler, Faculty Assistance Center for Teaching,
Utah State University

Online learning environments hold great promise for expanding access to
education for students with time and geographic challenges. Providing a
supportive learning environment involves considering the needs of a wide
range of learners and instructors, including those with physical and
cognitive disabilities or technical limitations. The ability to do this
can be somewhat challenged within the structure of a course management
system such as Blackboard (WebCT) Vista, as full control of the web
interface may not be possible. In response to student and faculty needs,
educational developers from two institutions, the University of British
Columbia and Utah State University have worked to determine how some of
the issues may be addressed through instructional design, rigorous web
design methodologies and some technical applications. Please join us as
we share current and evolving practices in this important area of online

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Congratulations EOI Awardees

Those of us in TLP would like to congratulate the following faculty members for their outstanding contributions to Excellence in Online Education:

(From left)

Denny Gier, Donna Jensen, Steve Koch, Ann Martin, and Terry Miller-Herringer

Celt EOI Awardees

Also honored, but missing from the photo are Colleen Hatfield and Ann Bykerk-Kauffman.

Fall 2008 Faculty Symposiums Are Coming!

The following Technology in Learning and Teaching symposiums will be presented this fall:

Accessibility in Online Course Materials

When & Where: Friday, October 24; 11:30am – 2:00pm in Studio A of MLIB
Presenters: ATI Course Makeover Summer Camp Alumni
Who Should Attend? – All interested faculty


Copyright & Plagiarism at CSU, Chico

When & Where: Thursday, October 30; 11:00am – 12:30pm MLIB 226
Presenters: James Tyler, Online Learning Librarian & Chris LaVerne, Thesis Editor/Adviser, Graduate School
Who Should Attend? – All interested faculty


Using Technologies in the Classroom: a broad conversation

When & Where: Friday, Nov. 14; 12:00pm – 2pm in Studio A of MLIB
Moderators: Claudine Franquet, TLP & Jan Costenbader, Math & ATEC
Who Should Attend? – All interested faculty and staff


It’s a Virtual, Virtual, Virtual, Virtual World…

When: October 1, 2008 at 6pm to October 2, 2008 at 6pm
Location: Adobe Connect
Event Type: Online Conference
Organized By: Alliance Library System
For More Information: Click Here

If you want to learn more about post-secondary teaching and learning in Second Life, this is a great place to start.

Event Description:
A take on that 1960’s movie, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!”, at times the work we do in virtual worlds can feel like we’re all running in various directions hunting for treasure. Virtual worlds like Second Life have been a part of our work now for a few years and we are doing wonderful things on various levels. Some efforts are highly organized and funded while others are somewhat more loosely collected, organic and serendipitous. All of our efforts are creating fantastic accounts of lessons learned and insights for better understanding and refining the approach and effort for greater impact.

Join us for two days as we discuss virtual worlds and librarianship. Note that this online conference will not be taking place in Second Life. We’ll be using Adobe Connect for the sessions. We’ll be convening online on October 1 and 2 to discuss topics such as, “Virtual Worlds Development”, “Scaling Graduate LIS Instruction in Virtual Environments”, “Academic Libraries and Virtual Worlds”, “Building a Library Presence in the Virtual World of Second Life” and “Creating Educational Tools in Second Life for Libraries”. A panel of the conference speakers is also scheduled in which your questions will feature prominently.

To register or learn more about the conference you can click on the link above. Questions? Please email