Stop by the TLP Open House Days: Tues. Dec 16 & Wed. Dec. 17

We’d like to spread some cheer as the semester comes to a close and hope you can stop by during our two-day Open House event. We’ll have treats and drinks on hand as well as discussions about pedagogy and technologies such as Blackboard Vista, Wimba, TurningPoint clickers and more.

Tuesday, December 16th we’ll feature ideas about integrating innovative online communication using the Wimba tools. TLP staff are baking up tasty goodies for you.

Wednesday December 17th the theme will be TurningPoint clickers in (and out of) the classroom, with free pastries and lunch accompanied by discussions and demos of new features by the clicker vendor.

See you there!

Louisiana Invitational Conference: Virtual Worlds in Higher Education

The Louisiana Regents Estate will be hosting the Louisiana Invitational Conference: Virtual Worlds in Higher Education on Friday, December 12, 2008, 8:00am – 2:30pm Pacific Time (SLT) in Second Life. The conference will cater to an international audience from universities world-wide. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to participate in one of this year’s most unique events. To sign up, just click the Register button at

Lecture Capture with Wimba – CSU Chico


When: December 8, 2008 12:00 pm PST

Where: Online

Register to Attend: Wimba Registration

For years, instructors at CSU, Chico have taught classes that met to face-to-face but simultaneously had students logged in remotely via Wimba Classroom. These remote students were able to see the face-to-face teacher via video and a student assistant who fielded remote students’ questions and assisted the professor. This created a full classroom experience for both the in-person and the remote students – while also providing a unique way to capture lectures via Wimba Classroom.

Join Laura Sederberg and Ann Steckel as they explain their unique instructional techniques.


Better Learning With Sites and Sound

Even as many instructors embrace digital tools in the classroom, some are pushing the technology envelope with more complex tools for teaching or interacting with students. New research suggests the promise of such approaches. Read this article ( for the complete story, from Inside Higher Ed, issue of Dec. 3rd.

Read the study that prompted it from Sloan-C, Using Online Collaborative Document Editors to Enhance Student Satisfaction and Cognitive Presence Outcomes (

Second Life as a Teaching Tool – A Few of My Favorite Spots

I happen to enjoy traveling in-world and thought it was about time that I shared a few of the spots I have found that are worth a look. Some of these SLurls (Second Life URLs) are only available for a brief time, so be sure to look to see if there is an end date.

Happy and Safe Traveling!

Spacexcape – open until Dec 3 – A Must See

Ub Yifu Sculptures

Beneath the tree that Died – until 1/09/09 – An AM Radio / University of Kentucky sim

Plasma 3 – a Rezzable sim

SLSBA – Second Life Simboarding Association – great if you love to surf, sail, or skateboard

7 Days Magic Bakery – Simply Magical

Hogwart’s – Harry Potter goes to Second Life

Mouse World – Disneyland in SL

Chakryn Forest – Amazing and a Top Spot

Dresden Museum – An Art Lover’s Paradise

Princeton South

Hollywood in SL – If you cannot get to California, try it in Second Life

Midsommer Isle – Wonderful Scenery

Acropolis Gardens – Beautiful Building

NASA Headquarters

Dublin, Ireland

SS Galaxy Cruise Ship

SL Literary – Globe Theater


Hybrid Productions Sci Fi Iceland

The Wasteland