Second Life as a Teaching Tool – A Few of My Favorite Spots

I happen to enjoy traveling in-world and thought it was about time that I shared a few of the spots I have found that are worth a look. Some of these SLurls (Second Life URLs) are only available for a brief time, so be sure to look to see if there is an end date.

Happy and Safe Traveling!

Spacexcape – open until Dec 3 – A Must See

Ub Yifu Sculptures

Beneath the tree that Died – until 1/09/09 – An AM Radio / University of Kentucky sim

Plasma 3 – a Rezzable sim

SLSBA – Second Life Simboarding Association – great if you love to surf, sail, or skateboard

7 Days Magic Bakery – Simply Magical

Hogwart’s – Harry Potter goes to Second Life

Mouse World – Disneyland in SL

Chakryn Forest – Amazing and a Top Spot

Dresden Museum – An Art Lover’s Paradise

Princeton South

Hollywood in SL – If you cannot get to California, try it in Second Life

Midsommer Isle – Wonderful Scenery

Acropolis Gardens – Beautiful Building

NASA Headquarters

Dublin, Ireland

SS Galaxy Cruise Ship

SL Literary – Globe Theater


Hybrid Productions Sci Fi Iceland

The Wasteland


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