Google Earth Now Includes Water


Previously, Google Earth, a searchable online replica of the planet, only mapped places on the earth that were mountains, valleys, cities, plains, ice sheets. Built through programming from an elevation of zero up, the other parts of the earth, namely the watery parts were excluded. However, this week Google revealed its newest version of the product that will let users explore reefs and ocean floors as well view old film clips that provide further information about the area.

In addition to the new ocean exploration feature, this version of Google Earth has two other features. One is called “Historical Imagery” and provides users with the ability to “scroll back through decades of satellite images and watch the spread of suburbia or erosion of coasts.” The second is a function called “Touring” which allows for user-created “narrated, illustrated tours, on land or above and below the sea surface, describing and showing things like a hike or scuba excursion, or even a research cruise on a deep-diving submarine.”

To read the complete version of this article go directly to the New York Times. To download the newest version of the software go to: Google Earth.


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