Technology Update: Clickers Creatively Engage Students

Clickers are wireless keypads used to gather immediate student responses to questions. To date we have 27 faculty and 3,109 students using TurningPoint clickers on campus. Some of the ways faculty are currently integrating clickers into their teaching:

  • Polling opinions to prompt discussion and support reasoning.
  • Collecting immediate feedback about students’ understanding of lecture topics to quickly address confusion.
  • Allowing students to share, discuss, and change opinions before answering a question.
  • Encouraging peer feedback and collaborative learning.
  • Recording attendance in large lecture courses.

Interested in learning more about Clickers? Join the listserv, come to a TILT session, or attend a training in TLP:

New Clicker Listserv

Chico State is hosting a new clicker listserv (mailing list) that combines clicker users from CSU Chico, Humboldt State, and Butte Community College. The intention of the listserv is to build a community to share pedagogical ideas and best practices with the use of clickers in teaching and learning.

If you are interested in subscribing and joining this growing clicker community group, go to:

Department Trainings

TLP will deliver custom trainings to departments interested in integrating clickers into their academic program. Please contact Claudine Franquet.

Scheduled Clicker Trainings: Click to Register!

To see other upcoming trainings go to:

New Clicker Application: ResponseWare

ResponseWare for iPhone example

Several faculty in the Math and Agriculture departments are piloting ResponseWare, a new application from Turning Technologies. ResponseWare allows students to respond via the Internet through standard Web browsers as well an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or RIM Blackberry. These “soft clickers” operate alongside the hardware clickers and any class can have any mix of the two clickers. Currently, students can realize a significant cost savings over the $54 hardware clickers by purchasing a one-year license for $16 or a four-year license for $32. ReponseWare offers several operational advantages as well. Numeric and text entry for answers are simply typed on the host device keyboard. Further, the actual question and full-text of the answers are displayed on the device. When polling is closed, the final results graph is also displayed directly on the student’s screen.

ResponseWare Web will be demonstrated at the upcoming TILT Session Thursday, April 9 at
12:30. For more information, see the TILT website:

Learn more about ResponseWare at the web site:

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