Community Watch: Groups Communicate, Collaborate in Over 100 Vista Communities

To date, there are over one hundred communities in Vista used by student groups, staff teams, academic departments and organizations that cross all segments of campus. Some highlights:

    Provost Flake

    Provost Flake

  • Provost Flake has created a community for the newly established working group of faculty, staff and administrators participating in Framing Meaningful Change at Chico State. This community will function as a hub for group members as they discuss, share and continue their conversations.
  • Lori Beth Way is using a community for the Criminal Justice Program students for advising. Read more about this community on the TLP blog:
  • Esther Larocco of The Center for Bilingual Studies developed a community for use by faculty, Masters students, and Credential students. Esther has used TLP’s lab for training her department’s faculty members and teaching assistants on the wise use of integrating new technologies into their curriculum. ITC Ann Steckel has assisted them by using their community to provide demonstrations and new technology training.

There will be a TILT Session on Vista Communities offered on Thursday, February 19th at 12:30 PM in MLIB 031. For more information, see the TILT page:

To get a new community, contact TLP manager, Laura Sederberg, x4326. We hope to get a user group forming soon.

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