TLP Newsletter, Spring 2009

Welcome to TLP’s electronic newsletter for Spring 2009! We’re publishing this newsletter both on our blog and in an HTML-format email to serve you better and to save paper. Comment on this post with your feedback and suggestions for next semester!

Inside this issue:

TLP Focus:
What Faculty Should Know About the Accessibility Technology Initiative

Events and Dates:
TLP Workshops for Spring 2009
TLP Seeks New Topics for Training
TILT Spring Lineup Announced, Symposia Will Be Broadcast Online
CELT Spring 2009 Workshops Announced

Technology Updates:
Clickers Creatively Engage Students

Spotlight on Faculty:
Exemplary Online Instruction Recognized in Fall 2008 – Call for 2009 Nominations Coming
Graham Thurgood: Synchronous Transcription Online: Getting it “Write”
Vista Community for Criminal Justice Students & Faculty

Community Watch:
Groups Communicate, Collaborate in Over 100 Vista Communities

Inside TLP:
New Video Cameras, Laptops and Audio Equipment Available for Free Checkout to Faculty
TLP Offices and Training Lab Remodel Finally Complete
Consultants and Student Staff Are Available To Help You

TLP has also posted a survey on our home page where you can give us more detailed feedback about our services and workshops. Please take it!

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