Copyright & Fair Use – Charts and Tools

Frequently faculty come to TLP with course materials they want to add to their Vista course section and ask us how it falls into the boundaries of copyright and fair use. Generally we refer them to a checklist developed by CSU, Chico librarian, James Tyler. This checklist is an excellent tool to quickly determine if the materials are eligible for upload.

Another tool faculty can use is an online resource developed by Stanford. The Stanford web page, Copyright & Fair use – Charts and Tools, provides excellent evaluation resources for multi-media content, digital images and fair use. Recently Stanford added a new tool to its Charts and Tools page, the “Section 108 Spinner” which can help libraries determine if reproductions of copyrighted materials fall under the exemption.

Free for a Fee, a blog written to supplement Edward Lee Lamoureux’s new book,
Intellectual Property Law and Interactive Media: Free for a Fee, also an excellent resource for faculty and students seeking more information about intellectual property updates.


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