The Credibles

A recent conversation with colleagues broached the topic of student information searches and the lack of fact checking. Everyone was in agreement that resource credibility is paramount if used as a source of content in student research papers. Unfortunately, students often quote sources that are not credible, valid or reliable.

Ironically, The Credible resource came down my path a day after that conversation. I decided it was worth posting so that others could point students to it and use it as a possible resource to teach about citing content found on the Internet. Interestingly, this site was built by students for the ThinkQuest competition and was a second place winner in 2007.

Here is a bit more about The Credibles:

“The Internet, we all know, is notoriously unreliable. It is also the premier source of information in both the developed and the developing world. This makes the question of credibility of web based information very important. As students, we constantly refer to the internet for information. But can we trust what we read on the net ? Are online searches trustworthy?”

“We the Credibles, try to bring up this extremely complicated issue in a simple yet interesting and comprehensive manner. We trust that after going through our materials, readers will be able to make better choices about what to trust and what not to trust on the Internet.”

Visit The Credibles site.

One thought on “The Credibles

  1. This is a good share, Ann. Thanks for including it in the TLP Blog. It sure is an important issue, and the Credible website may help.


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