25 Definitions of Twitter

“I just don’t get it.”

Unfortunately, that is often the comment I get after introducing people to Twitter. They poke around a bit and many times leave. Or, sometimes they stay and get hooked, which is the case of many of my co-workers who tweet throughout the day.

Personally, I like to keep my tweeting focused on technology and its application in education, but many times I just want to share with others the fact that i am drinking a fabulous cup of coffee, or the fact that a co-worker needs to sell his classic VW Westie.

Twitter keeps me connected. And very often, it keeps me connected to others I have never met, and will never meet, but who share the same profession or hobbies. It expands my world, keeps me informed, and lets me share with others both professionally and personally.

This morning I happened to read the article, 25 Definitions of Twitter. It does a good job of explaining this whole Twitternomenon, so I tweeted about it. Odds are, someone will read my tweet and then retweet it and eventually a lot of people will read that article as a result of the chain reaction Twitter so simply creates. It’s like magic, maybe.

If you want to keep up with us in TLP, add us to your Twitter list. You can find us as:

geofish – Laura Sederberg

pdifalco – Peter DiFalco

ann_steckel – Ann Steckel

ccfranky – Claudine Franquet


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