Want to become active in Second Life? Join SLER

The next SL Education Roundtable  (SLER), will take place
on Tuesday, May 12, at 2:30pm SLT *at the CHSSSouth Amphitheater, on
Montclair State CHSSSouth.
and will focus on students in SL.

Margaret Michalski has coordinated with a few students to join the group to talk
about their experience in SL.

If you are on Facebook, please join the SLER group:

Be sure to check SLER on Flickr

Transcripts of meeting from 11/25/08 to present:

Transcripts of meetings priort to 11/25/08:

*UPCOMING SCHEDULE* (subject to change) with all meeting starting at 2:30 SLT

– May 19th – Administering your Second Life
– May 26th – Future Guest and Meeting Planning
– *June 2nd – SPECIAL INTERVIEW. “Our Engaged is Not Their Engaged: The
Myth of Undivided Attention” with special guest Harry Pence (SL: John2
Kepler) Emeritus Distinguished Teaching Professor of Chemisty at SUNY
– June 9th – Increasing our Ranks
– June 16th – Virtual Worlds other than Second Life
– June 23rd – Are we our Avatars?
– June 30th – International Perspectives
– July 7th – SPECIAL. TBA
– July 14th – Dealing with Non-Virtual Worlds Issues.

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