Faculty Invited to Participate in Grad Student Research Survey

Tim Rogers is one of the talented and dedicated student staff who assists our faculty in the Technology and Learning Program lab. He’d appreciate the participation of faculty from any higher ed institution who would like to participate in a brief research survey.

To: Faculty at Higher Educational Institutions
From: Tim Rogers, CSU, Chico graduate student, Department of Education
Re: Requesting your participation in a survey on Analyzing Communication Patterns Between A Faculty Member And Instructional Designer

For my graduate thesis, I am conducting a survey regarding communication patterns between a faculty member and instructional designer when designing online courses through the Blackboard/WebCT Learning Management System. This research, conducted at CSU, Chico, seeks to better understand potential differences in technical and pedagogical communications that may cause barriers during the consultation process between both professionals.

The survey is available online. This survey takes only about five to ten minutes to complete. This research project has been cleared by the Human Subjects in Research Committee. You may access the survey on the Web site.

Thank you for your assistance. Please contact Tim Rogers at 530.592.8199 or by email with questions.

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