Training Tomorrow’s eTeachers

Designing Significant eLearning and Blended Learning Experiences

This presentation will discuss a case study of the integration of Wimba into an online collaborative e-learning experience with an on-site institute at the University of Utah.
Date: July 22
Time: 2:00 pm EDT
Place: Online – Sign-up Here
If you can’t make the time, sign-up to get an email with a link to the recording.
Presenters: Rebekah Grow & Linda Ralston, University of Utah

The institute incorporated a series of elearning sessions conducted via Wimba and Blackboard Vista designed to prepare participants for an on-campus conference featuring hands-on training with camera and audio enhanced Wimba and PowerPoint technology. The conference was followed by several on-line learning and discussion sessions enhanced by Wimba technology.

The teaching institute’s purpose was to illustrate the need to examine how e-learning, service-learning, and traditional classroom techniques might be blended to create a positive elearning environment enhanced by Wimba technology. The workshop was designed to challenge participants as students, educators and scholars while examining the changing paradigm shifts from instruction to learning and from traditional to innovative elearning.

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