Royalty Free Icons & Clipart Stock Images

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If you are thinking of personalizing the icons used for files, folders, and other elements in Vista, Icons Etc is a great place to look. Once you find the theme you like, click into the set and save the thumbnail images to your computer. (Creating a folder on the desktop called “Vista Icons” might be a good place to save them.) After you collect the necessary icon, enter your Vista course, and in the Build tab, click the action arrow to the right of the icon to be changed. Select “Customize Link,” “Replace Icon,” and browse for the correct icon saved to your computer.

More about Icons Etc:
Icons Etc offers 107,553 free icons and clipart stock images for web design, application design, graphic design, and many other purposes. Click on the Browse All Tags tab in the menu to browse all of tags in alphabetical order. Go to the top of the sidebar to Browse By Category (Icon Style) or scroll down and Browse Icons & Clipart by Most Tags (In descending order).

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