Podcasting Your Lectures 101: Recording

Podcasting is a route many professors are taking to provide supplementary lecture material for students, however to many, this process is still a bit fuzzy. The article, Podcasting Your Lectures 101: Recording, is a good place to begin reading about the basics of recording lectures or other content to further engage students with content.

For those teaching at CSU, Chico, the university provides every instructor with the Wimba Podcaster which is built into Blackboard Vista. This product is fairly simple to use for both faculty and students and requires little equipment to create content. If you would like to learn more about the Wimba Podcaster go to the TLP website or contact Ann Steckel in TLP at X6780 for a consultation.

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The TLP Website, The Wimba Podcaster Tool

Can Sustainable Hybrids Produce Better Outcomes?

From Inside Higher Ed:

“The question of whether distance education is as effective as classroom education is hotly debated in academe and largely unanswered by existing studies. However, new research from South Texas College suggests that hybrid courses — those that are offered online but also involve substantial face time — can produce better outcomes than those that are delivered exclusively on the Web or in the classroom. ”
Read more: Sustainable Hybrids – Inside Higher Ed http://bit.ly/JSW9Z

TILT: Beyond Small Talk – Setting Up Productive Groups for Students

TILT logoThis presentation was held on Wednesday, September 23.
Presenter: Dr. Kim Jaxon, from CSU, Chico’s Department of English
In this TILT session, Kim Jaxon presents classroom practices she uses with her students in order to make their group work productive. This session includes video of students working together as they establish norms, negotiate work, and discuss ideas.

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100 Best Blogs for Tech-Savvy Teachers

“While there are still some educators who dispute the importance of technology in the classroom, there is no dispute over the fact that technology is here to stay in schools. Whether you are one of those tech-savvy teachers who can’t get enough of technology news and ideas or you are a teacher just learning to embrace technology in the classroom, these blogs offer a wealth of information straight from teachers and other professionals in the education field themselves.”

This blog lists some excellent resources ranging from Technology in Education to Special Education and Assistive Technology. This resource can be found at: Online Courses.org

Use TLP Resources to Create Content For Furlough Days

TLP is here to help you improve your curriculum with technology. During this most disturbing budget crisis, some of you are seeking to create online content for your students to use during your furlough days.

We appreciate your desire to maintain student learning and encourage you to come use our expertise as consultants and instructional designers to help you achieve your goals. While we have limited resources, we do have a number of ways we can support you in this effort:
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Professors Embrace Online Courses Despite Qualms About Quality

In an August 31st article by Marc Parry in The Chronicle of Higher Education, the author writes about faculty opinions and beliefs about online education as captured by the Sloan National Commission on Online Learning. “The Paradox of Faculty Voices: Views and Experiences With Online Learning,” is part of a two-volume national study recently released by the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities. Parry uses this study as the basis for his article.

If you would like to read more about this national study and its results, please go to:
The article by Marc Parry:

and the study: