Use TLP Resources to Create Content For Furlough Days

TLP is here to help you improve your curriculum with technology. During this most disturbing budget crisis, some of you are seeking to create online content for your students to use during your furlough days.

We appreciate your desire to maintain student learning and encourage you to come use our expertise as consultants and instructional designers to help you achieve your goals. While we have limited resources, we do have a number of ways we can support you in this effort:

Content Delivery Methods

  • Record your voice over PowerPoint presentations (students view online in Vista)
  • Stream video online (digitize and upload your own video, or use existing YouTube content, etc.)
  • Pre-record lectures with Wimba Classroom. Come into our facility to record your short or full-length lecture with audio, video, slides and more (students view online in Vista)
  • Other ideas: let us know what you would like to do.

TLP has “self-help” tutorials online and ready for you to use on your own. Consultations are available by appointment and workshops will be provided through our TLP training calendar. Visit our Web site for details.


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