Podcasting Your Lectures 101: Recording

Podcasting is a route many professors are taking to provide supplementary lecture material for students, however to many, this process is still a bit fuzzy. The article, Podcasting Your Lectures 101: Recording, is a good place to begin reading about the basics of recording lectures or other content to further engage students with content.

For those teaching at CSU, Chico, the university provides every instructor with the Wimba Podcaster which is built into Blackboard Vista. This product is fairly simple to use for both faculty and students and requires little equipment to create content. If you would like to learn more about the Wimba Podcaster go to the TLP website or contact Ann Steckel in TLP at X6780 for a consultation.

Want More?
Go to the article, Podcasting Your Lectures 101: Recording

The TLP Website, The Wimba Podcaster Tool


One thought on “Podcasting Your Lectures 101: Recording

  1. Not a bad idea at all. It makes sense to make lectures available this way. Makes you wonder what else you could be recording and offering up as valuable content. I often think I should record sermons at church and turn them into “godcasts” for those who miss church.


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