Turnitin changes are coming! New dashboards and more

turnitin logoThe Turnitin service is an invaluable tool all Chico faculty may use to detect plagiarism and incorrect references in student work. On Saturday, January 2, 2010, Turnitin will be launching a wide range of new features and service improvements. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • New faculty dashboard
  • New student dashboard

Read more at the Turnitin web site. If you aren’t using Turnitin but would like to start, contact TLP at 898-5328 or email tlp@csuchico.edu.

Inside Higher Ed: Learning From Online

According to researchers at Purdue University at Calumet, professors can become better at designing and administering their classroom-based courses if they become more acquainted with proper online course creation. Through a program called the Calumet’s Distance Education Mentoring Project, faculty who are adapting their face-to-face courses to online, team up with tech-savvy colleagues. These colleagues then offer advice on best practices for online course design and help with the first semester of delivery. The Calumet researchers plan to present their preliminary findings at a research association conference in April 2010.

The full article is available from Inside Higher Ed.

Guest Web 2.0 Reviews by Kim Jaxon’s CSU Chico English 130 Class: Part 3 Personal Productivity

This is the third of a three-part series from the students of CSU, Chico’s English 130.

The reviews below were a part of an assignment designed to help students to focus on editing and clarity in their writing for their English 130 course. It also gave them a chance to think about a public audience who might use this information, and since they are studying social media, it introduced them to potential sites that could be useful in their own work and research. The results are ours to enjoy. Please leave a comment if you find any of the reviews to be of particular interest or help.

Survs.com by Lauren Keifer
Survs.com is a website that that lets you create, distribute and analyze online surveys. This website also allows you to create accounts that can be accessed by multiple people such as colleagues. The results to the surveys you create instantly. Survs.com can also help you post the information online, through email, or in your personal website. While enabling you to be confidential with your survey it also allows you to distribute the information throughout the web. If I was planning on creating a survey I would consider using this website. It shows a step by step way of actually creating the survey and then seeing the results from the survey. It could be useful for company’s wanting to show their cost.

CookThing by Rylee Holcomb
Do you have trouble finding recipes or maybe your allergic to a specific ingredient and you just can’t seem to find any recipes with out it? If this is so, there is a quick and and easy site for you to search for recipes. CookThing, is full of delicious recipes. There are 14 categories to chose from. Chicken, rice, beef, salsa, breakfast, bread, pasta, curry, seafood, cake, cookies, soup and eggs. Under each category are ideas like fried rice, grilled chicken, banana bread, pasta sauces and much much more. After you have selected your category, the next step is to select which ingredients you would like your recipe to have or not have. This is a great option for those who have food allergies. Then you simply select the button that says, “search for recipe,” and following your request a large range of recipes will come up. Now the rest is up to you. This sight is great because the recipes are all free and you are able to find exactly what you want in a timely manner. You no longer have to sit and dig through all those dusty recipe books. The title of the site explains it all. CookThing- How to cook anything.

SnapPages by Drew Kittle
SnapPages ( http://www.snappages.com/) is an advanced web page maker in an easy to use user interface. It allows for custom designed pages or premade templates that can be edited by the user. Even though the site is meant for beginners, it offers enough ability that an advanced user might use this site. SnapPages also has the ability to put animations straight on the page, giving it the look of being made by a professional. SnapPages also gives the user one gigabyte of storage, a blog, calendar, photo viewer, and the ability to have friends. Now, SnapPages is free for the basic user, but they offer a Pro version that costs eight dollars a month but has more advanced features. In the Pro version, SnapPages offers the user 10 gigabytes of storage, a custom domain name, html and java applets, analytics, and search engine integration on top of the free account features. There are many free web site makers that offer some of the same features, but not all in one place, making my decision on SnapPages worth it for the free account.

Trivago.com by Mercedes Jimenez
Trivago.com is a website designed to aid the average citizen book a trip and plan out an itinerary for the desired destination. Trivago’s predominant purpose is the booking of hotel rooms but offers several tools to facilitate this purpose such as price comparison of available hotels. Furthermore, Trivago provides information on one’s destination such as photos and ratings of main attractions featured by one’s destination. When one is unsure of a city’s sightseeing goals, Trivago presents ratings on these destinations such as accessibility, “must-see” factor and even budget friendliness. Trivago allows users to virtually explore their destination through the photos, maps and ratings provided, influencing one’s decision on a travel destination. Moreover, in the state of today’s economy, Trivago provides one with extensive information regarding economic issues such as several hotel prices and monetary facts on sightseeing. Trivago is a well designed travel website with many features for the savvy traveler and facilitates several aspects of travelling, thus making the planning of a trip easier and wallet-friendly.

Pipl.com by Kameran Malcolm
Pipl.com is a way for you to find information on other people. You type in their name and the city that they reside in and hit search. What I have found is that it only works well if you search for older people. When I did a search for myself all that came up was my Facebook page. When I did a search on my dad a lot of things came up like his address, birth date, phone number and the years that he attended high school. This website can be used by anyone. If you apply for a job the employer can look you up using this site and it will tell them everything about you. This website could be good to research people if you are looking to do a paper or if you are a stocker, but you should most likely look for people who are at least twenty five because then you will have a better chance of finding information about them. This website this would and could also be the ultimate background check.

Karaoke Party by Gabriela Bueno
Karaoke party is a web 2.0 site that offers many songs that available to its members to use and sing along with. While searching for a site I would be interested in I found karaoke party. I have always wanted to play because I like to sing and I might as well do it now that I have the chance. The demo has seventeen songs and it included my favorite songs. Heaven, Hotel California, and Imagine. All you need is a microphone incorporated in your computer. Party mode is when you compete with other people you are with. I enjoyed myself while singing because they give you the lyrics and have the song play while following the guide. The demo is free to try and you can become a member and access all the songs available for eight dollars a month. This site can be accessed by a phone or computer. I really enjoyed the site because it was like nothing I ever imagined. The site was very fun and I am even thinking of becoming a member.

BallHype by Jacob Coday
On the web 2.0 site I found a good site under the “Sport Web 2.0 Tools and Applications” section. The site that I found is called Ball Hype. The website is a news site strictly for sports. It keeps you updated on what’s going on in the sports. If you are a baseball fan then you could look in the MLB section and find out who has been traded or fired. Another part I found interesting was a NFL section that would help you out with Fantasy Football. The site has a section that writes about what players are playing really good and which one are struggling. The site also allows you to blog with other sport fans and just about any topic that has to do with sports. Another feature on the site is you can watch video about sports. Whether it be a recap of a game or an interview that a player had. On the home page of the website it tells you the scores of the games that are playing. I feel like that site is very helpful.

Raylit by Allison Laviolette
Raylit is a website that is designed to teach preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders. This site takes into account their physical and mental ability. You start off by creating an account. Then the user adds their child to the account by providing the child’s name and age, same goes for each additional kid. Once this information is taken, you have two options; to go to the parent center or the kid’s session. The parent center allows you to create a profile for your child. This profile records behavioral and learning abilities and techniques. It also shows the parent their child’s progress throughout the entire session. On the other hand, if the user clicks the kid’s session, they automatically begin the learning session. Each session is led by cartoon characters, which walk the child through every activity, giving them encouragement based on their behavior. The child is assigned a list of tasks which the program guides you through each time you sign in. It consists of games, videos, and educational activities. Overall, this site makes learning fun and easy for young children.

On the Road by Lena Cottam
The concept of the website in “On the Road” is to have the ability to keep in touch with friends and family while on vacation or moving abroad. The idea is to create a travel blog that is accessible to all with an internet connection that may want to keep track of their traveling friends or relatives. The site allows its users to post pictures, create an online journal documenting their journeys, or post videos that are easy to obtain by friends or anyone who may be interested in a certain trip. The blog can be private or public, but keeping it viewable to all is suggested. Unfortunately, the website is centered on posting pictures and info about trips via an iPhone. This secludes the users of the websites and narrows down who can use it easily, catering to those with a certain technology that’s inaccessible to others. Also, there are several travel blog sites within the realms of 2.0 that are similar, more accredited, and already widely used for the same exact purposes. Basically, the idea already happened, but not with the use of iPhones so incorporated. Overall, still a good and useful idea.

CookThing by Danny Cruz
Enter what you want to cook. Get a list of common ingredients in that dish, select what ingredients you want to use and CookThing retrieves a list of recipes for what you want to cook with the ingredients you want to use. You have the power to search for recipes with the ingredients you want to use. How many times have you searched for a recipe but discovered you didn’t have one of the ingredients? Now, you can search for a different recipe that only use the ingredients you already have. It’s just as great as the other recipe sites. This site also includes pictures and reviews. Diabetic? No problem, search any dish and simply click on Splenda and get a list of dishes that use Splenda rather than sugar. Trying to stick to a low sodium dish? Unclick the salt ingredient and you get several dishes that don’t use salt. CookThing even organizes dishes by their ratings. This site is especially cool for people that like cooking dishes with uncommon ingredients. Overall, this site has all the benefits of other cooking sites plus more.

Ceevee by Gina Metzger
Ceevee helps you basically build the perfect resume. This first appealed to me because there have been times when I have applied for jobs, and I think that if my resume had been a little bit better, I would have gotten the job. I clicked on it, and immediately was impressed. You click “get started” on the website, and it asks you your email address, and a password, and it goes directly into a page where you can edit your resume. It then asks you for your first and last name, gender, phone number, skills, experience, etc. you can choose a theme for it, you can make it public or private, and you can reorder the different sections in it, as well as add to them. One thing that I did not like about the site is when you first click on it from the web 2.0 site, you have to go to different link to direct you to the actual resume builder. Overall, I would give this site a 9.2 out of 10.

Timetonote.com by Stephanie Burke
Timetonote is a 100% free web based collaboration tool that helps employees effectively track all suppliers, customers, leads, or anyone else important to the business. Features include: a task manager, contact list, and a contact history with each person or company. Timetonote also allows you to make notes about previous conversations which is especially useful if there is more than one person working with a client. The task manager organizes tasks in time based groups such as: today, tomorrow, this week, next week, and overdue. As time passes, the task moves along with it. Timetonote is a useful tool to help collaborate your company on one simple website. It’s time to throw away those pesky sticky notes and delete those countless company emails and get your company connected on Timetonote.

WorkoutBOX by Lana Lucchesi
WorkoutBOX is a new website that was built from a group of highly experienced fitness professionals to help make your workout life easier and healthier. WorkoutBOX is full of different kinds of workouts and it breaks it down for you in different sections. If you are looking for ideas such as ab, leg, arm or back workouts, they have them in separate links and tabs. Not only do they have example workout plans, but also exercises, training guide, blogs and different programs you can become involved in. As well as a shopping tab where you can purchase vitamins and minerals, whey protein, and body care materials. WorkoutBOX is not only just in text, but you can watch workouts and exercises on step-by-step video clips shown by fitness professionals. WorkoutBOX is also connected with Facebook, so you can see updates whenever you sign on. What’s good about WorkoutBOX is it’s not a scam or a rip off because it’s free; anyone and whoever may sign up to join if they are searching for a website that can make their fitness simple.

milo.com by Molly Maher
The Web 2.0 site I researched about was http://www.milo.com. This is a data base for online shoppers looking for a certain product. The user types in the product name of what they want, and the area they want to find it. Or the user could scroll to the bottom of the page and shop by state or by the product directory. The products can be any item at all, from computers to clothing. Once the user types in all the information, a list of all possibilities of where the user can find the product comes up. Then, the user can narrow down the search field by price and availability. Also, they have a list of all the different categories and brands the user could choose from. In addition, there is a rating of the product up to five stars. It finds different places to find the product, and compares the prices to the other stores. It is very simple and easy for anyone to use.

WorkoutBOX by Monica Carroll
The website WorkoutBOX is designed to make your fitness simple. Using this website you can find a seemingly unlimited amount of workout routines and nutrition facts to keep you healthy. Not only does WorkoutBOX give you everything you need to know about how to stay healthy and professionally designed workouts with step-by-step video instructions, but it also includes support from an expert fitness team. The website is extremely easy to use as well. You must go through a free-of-charge sign-up to view the step-by-step video instructions, but everything else you can view without signing up. The website introduces you to workouts for every part of your body. This website also had a ton of useful information on how to eat healthy. There was also a Blog included in this website for members to give their own opinions on topics that the website introduced. You can also purchase many muscle-building products in the “shop” section of the website. This website seems very useful with all the information and tips it provided.

Picture Trail by Madison McCrea
Picture trail is a website that is used for the enhancement of photos to be published on the Internet. Not only can you enhance photos but also share them with your friends online, and make slideshows. With these slide shows, you can add music to it and make it your own. It is a website similar to snap phish and photobucket, but slightly different. With photobucket and snap phish, you mostly just store your pictures, like an online photo album. Picture trail on the other hand is a user based picture sharing website. User based in the sense that it is solely for internet literate people. You can also send digital postcards which is interesting. This site is useful because it is good for keeping in touch with people, you can share photos with family and friends. I know that my family uses websites like these all the time to keep up with the most recent family photos. It keeps people connected, and makes it possible to turn your life into an online story. People that may want to avoid sites like this are the ones that aren’t very technology savvy; for example, my dad would be very confused about a site like this, and probably just get angry at it.

Workout Box by Katlyn Brock
The Web 2.0 Application “Workout Box” is one of the best ways of working out on your own time and at home. There are millions of workouts that anyone has access to, all you have to do is sign up. The best part about Workout Box is that it’s totally free. When signing up make a username and password and tell them what your fitness goal is. On this website you search for what part of your body you want to work out and then tons of videos of workouts will come up that you can do. Also, with these videos there are people that comment on them so you know if they really work or not. You can also put your own feedback and let others know how it it’s working for you. Another way to help with your own workout program are training logs where you can keep track of all the exercising you do. One other thing is a forum on the website where you can have discussions with people about the workouts and what works best.

Guest Web 2.0 Reviews by Kim Jaxon’s CSU Chico English 130 Class: Part 2 Going Social

This is the second of a three-part series from the students of CSU, Chico’s English 130.

The reviews below were a part of an assignment designed to help students to focus on editing and clarity in their writing for their English 130 course. It also gave them a chance to think about a public audience who might use this information, and since they are studying social media, it introduced them to potential sites that could be useful in their own work and research. The results are ours to enjoy. Please leave a comment if you find any of the reviews to be of particular interest or help.

Blurtt by Kathy Peterson
The Web 2.0 that I picked is a website called Blurtt. Blurtt allows you to create and send real postcards to family and friends, even celebrities! The cool thing about Blurtt is that if you aren’t sure what their real address is you can send it with their email, Facebook, or Twitter address that works just as convenient as the real one. As you create your postcard, there are over 100 pictures with different categories that you can put onto it such as Halloween themes, Blurttences, and photography. You can also upload any other picture you would like of you with freinds, family, and even other categories that aren’t put up onto the website. Blurtt postcards allow you to write as much and whatever you would like to write about. Blurtt does not cost a lot of money. All together with stamp and envelope it can be sent to you for just $1.50. It saves you money and is a fun and exciting way to send postcards.

Doof by JP Smith
Doof.com is a web 2.0 tool that fuses social networking and gaming together. Its structure is basically broken off face book’s old-school gaming. You find friends, play games, chat and leave each other posts. Simply, you challenge each other. It seems like a interesting idea. It takes what happened with facebook’s gaming phenomenon several years ago and created “Doof” from that. I read that Doof tracks how much time you spend playing each game. Honestly several of the games I tried to load simply didn’t. Also when viewing your profile or using “Doof” in anyway felt awkward because there are no scroll bars making the interface seem underdeveloped. This site reflects the idea “nerds world” you get to connect with friends, play games, and compete with the people you know. The games range from simple “kiddy” type things up to old school arcade and shooter games. This sites loading screens have no progress bar and are very slow, so much so that I didn’t think It worked at all. With some touching up I think this site could easily be a hit.

Palmood.com by Matt Elkins
Palmood.com is a new and exciting way to keep friends and family members updated on your moods and express your opinion about products or events. This free, live-feed blog site allows people to instantly share their opinion or feelings about a certain product or event. Palmood is used by many businesses as a tool for rating products and events. Members are asked to create an avatar to represent themselves on their profiles. You are given the choices of male or female, black or white, etc. In order to comment on a product or event a member must assign it a rating of 1 through 10, along with a short comment. All ratings and information that is posted on Palmood can be viewed by any member so that ratings can be viewed on a broader scale rather than being limited to single groups, and thereby increasing the efficiency of the rating system. Palmood is a free and effective way of getting feedback, that also offers a fun way to keep in touch with your co-workers, family, or friends.

Sketchfu by Danielle Alvernaz
Sketchfu is a Web 2.0 site about drawing and connecting with other users. It’s set up like most other social networking sites by asking questions like, Birthday, Age, Gender, relationship status and zip code. Sketchfu allows you to title and publish your work to your profile. It has a space for friends to leave comments, rate your photos as; Funny, Cute or Impressive. Other areas of the site include most cheered for drawings, Applications, an actual drawing board, browsing friends and viewing profiles. With in the site you can contact friends by sending private messages to their profile, and you can express yourself and your feelings to others through drawing. This site allows people to use art and their imagination to connect with new people and communicate with friends.

OntheRoad by Wanchai Xiong
With a quick sign up and some information about yourself, the newest online technology, OnTheRoad, allows you to share your journeys with people you love while traveling on the road. This new technology allows you to create traveling journals simply by using your iPhone, Android, SMS, email or online and send them to anyone you want. You can track and plan every destination of the way. OnTheRoad also has the ability to connect you with other travelers and share journeys with each other around the world. OnTheRoad is connected with Twitter and Facebook. This makes it much more easier to update what your are doing since everyone tweets on Twitter nowadays. You can also share photos and videos of things that you had done with friends on Facebook. By using OnTheRoad, you can share and connect with friends and family without taking up time away from other things that you do. It’s free, fast, and amazingly fun! With new technologies advancing, this will only get better. Don’t be left out while others are having fun.

CamTweet by Sumanpreet Ojla
CamTweet is a site that is brought to users by Justin.tv. CamTweet allows users of twitter to broadcast live videos on Twitter. Anyone who already has a Twitter account can use this site. The login for the users is the same as their Twitter account. Using this site is sort of the same as posting a vlog on YouTube. The video would come as a link on Twitter as an update; and whoever is following you is able to click on the link to watch your live broadcast. A person first needs to connect a webcam to the computer, and then make sure that the site picks up the signal. After that, you need to get a microphone attached and adjust the volume. When everything is set, you go live on Twitter. This site only allows a live broadcast and a person is not able to check the video later because it is not saved. This is a good site for people that enjoy making live webcasts of themselves for others to see.

Streetmavens.com by Jordyn Armstrong
Streetmavens.com is a website that allows the user to be able to obtain knowledge of what events are occurring in their hometown. The slogan, “See What’s Happening In Your City!” captures curiosity and adds the appeal of gossip into the website. There is a real-time situation that the website works off of and allows users to interact with their local area and find out what is happening. Streetmavens allows the user to also connect with others through the use of pictures. An extensive map of locations and a search bar make it easy to navigate the website and find what one is looking for right away. Also, when there is an event going on, users are allowed to post the event to the site and others can RSVP to this event. The business search bar is also very convenient. This allows businesses to join the website as well making interaction between users and businesses very quick and easy. Streetmavens provides lots of information and allows people to communicate and gain knowledge all at once. So what are you waiting for? See what’s happening in your city!

Sketchfu.com by Ryan Ramos
Sketchfu is a website where people communicate with each other through drawing. You have the ability to draw anything that comes to mind and share it with friends, family, peers etc. It is free to create an account and anyone is eligible. Where the actual drawing takes place is in a blank window with whatever type of untensils you want. They offer the entire color spectrum and provide another cool feature that lets you watch every move the artist made in creating their drawing. To the right of the sketch pad Sketchfu gives drawing tips to make it easier to use, and suggestions of what to draw if nothing comes to mind. When opening the site, you have the option to navigate hoome, draw, browse through other drawings, browse through people, view the best drawings, or browse through different apps. The most recent additions to the site are the apps, anyone can create and use them. These apps make it easier on the artist and can allow them to add different affects. Overall the site is simple, easy to use, and can be a lot of fun.

ooVoo by Kevin Kirberg
ooVoo is a new website that has developed to where people can communicate in a eleven different ways to friends, family and colleagues they just don’t have the time or the money to talk face to face with. The ooVoo Web Video API makes it as easy as cut and paste to insert video chat into your web sites. It opens up a world of video communications with the ease of a button and web camera. With the United States fighting over seas in Iraq, ooVoo has been a new way for soldiers to stay in connection with their families and friends. From either paying month by month or pay per use gives you the freedom to video chat with as many people as you want, whenever you want. ooVoo has also been developed to help you advertise and with showing your ad to millions of people it helps target your specific audience relating to your specific ad. With technology advancing so rapidly, with in no time, ooVoo will be offering so much more then it already does.

OMGPOP by Ashton Holland
OMGPOP is website in the age of Web 2.0 where you are able to play a multiplayer game instantly with any person that is on the website playing the same game that you have chosen. These games seem to be very catching and are able to grab your attention through images of scenes regarding that game. The games as well are very strategic. From first hand experience I would say that these games require a lot of thinking. There is a myriad of games to choose from, racing, puzzle, and action. OMGPOP has its own community where individuals are able to socialize and interact with one another online. When playing a game there is a chat box where people whom you are playing the game with are able to talk to you or any one else in that game. There is a “feedback” link on the site where people are able to talk about what they like or want to suggest for the site. This site is very welcoming for they aren’t just targeting you just playing there games, they want you to come and hang out to just chat online with other players. I myself have talked to many people, and have felt completely comfortable communicating with the people whom I talked to on the site. OMGPOP is a very well put together, everything is organized and is easy to find, if I am wanting to talk to some one all I would have to do is click the link entitled “community”. This site overall has a welcoming feeling along with fun games to play with whomever you would like.

Sketchfu by Jenna Silverman
The website that I reviewed is called, “Sketchfu”. It is a website that allows the user to draw pictures to their friends and family to share their feelings and ideas. By sharing ideas and feelings through pictures, it allows friends and family to talk and connect in different ways then through texting, Facebook, e-mails, and letters. Since I have never heard of this website I decided to give it a try. The weather is turning cold so I drew a fall scene with trees and leaves turning colors. It was pretty easy and very fun to do. First you choose the size that you want the curser to draw, then you pick the color. You draw whatever you feel like, then make a name for the piece of work and publish it. It’s as easy as that. I’m sure if you gave a kindergartner or an elderly person a computer with this website open, they’d be able to figure it out with no problem.

Sketchfu by Kelsey Joyce
Sketchfu allows you to draw anything you wish on a white board, and be able to share with your friends from all around! Most social networking sites allow you to keep in touch with people through words and your writing. However, Sketchfu is a website made based upon communicating with your friends through personal drawings and your creativity. Just log in, draw and share, and put that creativity to use. The site allows you to view other Skethfu users’ drawings, and then even “cheer” for their piece and make comments about it. Allowing you to chose your font size, style, and color, you are able to express with your friends with an image rather than just through words. The drawing tool allows you to sketch any image you wish, providing factors that also let you “remix” other people’s creations. The toolset is easy to handle, yet it allows you to create your very own masterpiece in any way or form you like! Best of all, every drawings is then animated directly after finished allowing you to share with anyone you wish.

Sketchfu by Ankara Nguyen
Once entering Sketchfu there’s nothing special until the art pad shows the opening animation, persuading you to try out the art pad. Look to the right and there’s a panel of already made drawings. Nothing amazing here except it’s fun. You can draw, paint, or anything you feel like. Artsy people are more likely drawn to this site. The white background draws your attention to other parts of the site. This site is also for demoing your own drawing. Sketchfu records as you draw as a video so it’s like a mini video. Aspects like this keeps it interesting and brings people back to learn from and share with others. People are demoing their drawings. This site is interesting and fun, you have to play around with it before understanding why it’s fun. Also the name makes you curious enough to check out the site. So much fun to have and play around if you’re bored. This isn’t just a fun and an educational. Sketchfu is something that will take time to get use to like any other new creation.

Sketchfu by Mary Mezzetti
The website Sketchfu.com is a site dedicated to communicating with friends strictly through drawings. On this site you can draw a picture to a friend or simply post your artwork on the site. Onlookers are able to watch the drawing in each step it is drawn so that messages can be sent within the picture. This site attracted me because it is very similar to the graffiti application on Facebook where users can do basically the same thing that Sketchflu offers and post it on friends’ walls. This is a good website to use for anyone who is interested in art or drawing, and users do not have to be exceptional artists to use it, it’s just a fun and interesting way to send messages to friends. If you have a Facebook account it may be easier to just add the application rather than create a new account on Scatchfu, but this site offers those interested in graphic design opportunities to admire others’ work.

Sketchfu by Tiffany Richter
Sketchfu is a social networking site that lets its users connect through their drawings. It allows you to show your personal creativity and expressions. Sketchfu users create a profile that allows them to share their drawings with everyone on the net. Once a drawing has been drafted, its author can e-mail it, download it, or sent it to MySpace, Facebook, etc. Users can rate each other’s drawings by how cute, funny or impressive they are. Any Sketchfu user can leave comments on any piece of artwork, whether they like it or not. After clicking on the drawing you wish to view, it comes on screen animated, as if you were watching the artist draw it before your eyes. You can also control how fast a drawing comes on screen. With this site, you can browse drawings by labels like the cutest, funniest, most impressive, most viewed, and so on. This site creates a place where people can express their emotions and feelings through their drawings.

Aardvark by Allie Boone
Aardvark is a networking site in which you ask a random question and someone even more random has the answer. Stipulations outlined on the website go like this: 1) Send Aardvark a question, 2) Aardvark finds the perfect person to answer, and 3) Get their response in a few minutes.
Aardvark is used similarly to YouTube, only dealing with questions, not expression. Essentially, if you ask a question, you will get an answer from someone who you know nothing about, just like when you post a video to YouTube, and never know who will watch it. This is an innocent site, in that you don’t put yourself on the Internet, and your identity is kept anonymous.
This site is useful because you can ask a guiltless question and receive a response, which you may never have thought of, and also get incites from people who you would never talk to in person. On the other hand, it can be negative because these sites promote hiding behind a computer screen in order to seek companionship. Plus, you never know who may be responding to your simple question.

What are you Thankful for Today? by Megan Merseth
I decided to review a site that is through Twitter which is called, “What are you Thankful for Today?” It is a journal where you put in everyday what you are thankful for. You can either keep it private on your page, or you can have it displayed everyday as your tweet. I found it very interesting because people everyday look past what they are thankful for and go about with their busy lives. But if you have one of these pages linked to your Twitter, you will almost feel obligated to take a second and think about what you are thankful for. I sometimes enjoy using Twitter, depending what kind of mood I am in, and I feel like this will make me want to use Twitter more. The site also shows you what others are thankful for, even if you’re not following them on Twitter. It just shows on the side of your screen, “Right now someone is thankful for…”. I think this site is a great way to start or end your day.

Sketchfu by Jaycee Hepler
Sketchfu is a website where someone who is interested in art can join and meet other people with similar interests. This is a site similar to MySpace but with a more specific theme. The pages all have the same simple layout, which is surprising because I would think artists would want to customize their own pages. Users can make a page and write about themselves, show their drawings, leave a comment on other’s work or page, see who is online, add friends, add applications and so much more. There is also a features on Sketchfu where users can make a drawing. First you pick a colors and size for the cursor. Then you click and drag the cursor in the designated area and leave a mark. This is when the user can let their creativity come alive. Another cool part of this website is that it shows the process of any drawing being made. Even if you aren’t talented with this programs, there is a lot of really talented people on here to meet and enjoy their work.

Sketchfu by Anne Towles
Sketchfu is awebsite that allows you to draw or animate anything you want. It’s relatable to the ‘graffiti’ application on Facebook. SketchFu is an entertaining website for anyone interested in making modern art using technology. The main style of art created on this website is cartoon-like and animated. You can also check out other peoples’ works and see what they have created using this attraction. Anyone can join SketchFu and it is free.
The tools for SketchFu include different brush sizes, a plethora of colors to choose from and different intensities you can choose for each of your colors. You draw by wiping your cursor over the ‘paper’ they provide for you. You can redo, erase, or start over as easy a click of a button. When you are finished with the drawing you can ‘Replay’ and watch the steps it took to create your masterpiece in fast motion. SketchFu is creative, fun, and a step forward for the art world.

Sketchfu by Preston Platt
The website Sketchfu.com has a great concept behind it. I feel it takes facebook’s Graphiti application to the next level. The website is very easy to understand from the start. It has a nice intro tutorial on the opening page giving you the go ahead to just start drawing. When making a profile it is very easy to keep information private if wanted and has all the basics for information distributing. This website gives you the opportunity to make drawn images which people that are also engaged in the website can rate and view. People can rate it as cute, funny, and impressive. The nice thing is that you can than search for images that meet that category. I looked up the images with the most amount of impressive reviews and found some really cool images. Overall with this website I see a high amount of potential to be a popular site if it were to join up with a popular site. I would suggest trying to join Facebook and become a site with a new type of communication through images.

News-Smak by Beth Cylke
The site that caught my attention was a social News-Smak website. It has all of the latest celebrity gossip and interesting stories that most women are be curious about and would enjoy reading. It is connected to facebook and twitter so you could easily post the article to your page. They have different categories you could pick from like fashion or gossip. It has the feel of an online magazine. Some of the links they have are a little questionable, but they still catch your attention. You can comment on any of the articles and people can respond back. I feel like this website it just another place for people to read gossip and entertain themselves. It is a good idea for a website and I can picture people reading it to catch up on their daily need for celebrity gossip, it just isn’t very original. I think it would be a better website if it has a more official look and feel.

Palmood by Christina Travlos
Palmood is a free and easy way to blog your mood and connect with people. You can either be with friends, business colleagues, or just rate the mood you see posted. Twitter is very similar to Palmood. You type in your mood and share it with everyone but you do not have to comment to the mood you just rate it. Palmood helps coworkers share how they are doing with work in a real time atmosphere. It is also used for rating products and getting feed back or an opinion right there. Palmood is a great way to know when a friend needs a shoulder to cry on or just venting out their emotions. It is related and a quick share web site to very popular websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Guest Web 2.0 Reviews by Kim Jaxon’s CSU Chico English 130 Class: Part 1 Music

The reviews below were a part of an assignment designed to help students to focus on editing and clarity in their writing for their English 130 course. It also gave them a chance to think about a public audience who might use this information, and since they are studying social media, it introduced them to potential sites that could be useful in their own work and research. The results are ours to enjoy. Please leave a comment if you find any of the reviews to be of particular interest or help.

Pandora by Mary Hansen
Pandora is a Web 2.0 site that is like a radio station that plays only music you like. It is easy to use and basically does the work for you. You simply type in a song or artist you want to hear and Pandora plays music relating to that. All you have to do is create a username and password so it can save your music profile, and you have access to an unlimited amount of music. You can discover all sorts of new songs and artists this way. The only downside to Pandora is that sometimes when you type in a song you want to hear, Pandora won’t play it immediately. It will play a song relating to the song you wanted to hear. Also if you don’t like a song that is playing and want to change it, Pandora only lets you do so a certain number of times. Other than that Pandora is the perfect Web 2.0 site if you just want to kick back and listen to an endless library of your favorite music.

Songza.fm by Taylor Marshall
Songza.fm is a music search engine that offers a wide variety of music. How it works is you either search an artist, band, or even a song that you want to listen to then you are given a list of songs most of the songs on the list that is displayed is taken from you tube. The you tube video can be seen in the upper right corner. One other great benefit is that you can sign up with Songza and create your own playlist from the list of songs that you searched. As for the rest of the website it is pretty simple compared to other similar websites that I have used in the past such as Project Playlist and imeem. Songza ha much potential, but it seems to me as if it is another website without much to it. The features it offers are not that great. If it had a few extra features to it like song lyrics and maybe album covers then I could definitely say this website is worth your time, but I don’t see why anyone would go to this website when there are websites out there with the same features and more.

TubeRadio by Brett Edwards
Do you like Music? How about Youtube? If so then your going to love this.TubeRadio.fm is an online tool that brings a whole world of music and video to the click of your mouse. This is a music player where users can quickly and efficiently find and listen to music by their favorite artists, while building and sharing playlists of all their beloved music. The innovative tool is 100% free, and very user friendly. You simply type the name of a band into the search bar, and wa-la, the band’s albums are brought to you to listen to (or watch) in mini or full screen selection. This ground breaking music interface also allows you to sort through what you like and don’t like, leaving behind a compilation of high quality videos that you can assort under one playlist. Once you create a good foundation of music, this site then runs much like a combination of iTunes and Youtube, a Blend of modern social media like none have seen before.

TubeRadio.fm by Natasha Adam
Through using Web 2.0, I discovered a site called TubeRadio.fm. This free and easy site allows users to search and save music found from the popular site called YouTube. On the bottom of the homepage, a demonstration video is open for rookie’s to learn how to use this site’s unique tools and information. In the introduction of this video, the commentator explains there are two types of searches: YouTube and Discography. The YouTube search is used to find an artist’s name, a name of a song, or both and then from a listed selection of songs a person can save a song onto their playlist. The playlist categorizes songs by video name, artist, and album. In contrast, the Discography search is used to add albums, which then will display releases created by the artist, a bio, lyrics of the song, and similar genres of music. Following an album addition, a user may edit the song’s information or replace a song with a better version of the song. In conclusion, this site was very well organized and provided a plethora of resources for finding new and old music.

Moof.com by Marcus Mancuso
Moof.com is a Web 2.0 site which offers a large database of music, easily accessible via the internet. “Moof” stands for music,online,on demand, for free. Moof allows users to search for music, which they can then add to their own personal online library. The layout is very simple and user-friendly. The homepage greets new users with a tutorial video, giving a quick overview of the site. Moof boasts that it has a formidable and extensive database of music. To test this, I searched for songs from a virtually unknown band that my friend Chris’ cousin was in. To my surprise, Moof had it. You can also upload your own iTunes library from your computer, so you can access it from any computer through the internet. Unfortunately, if you have a large song library, it takes a while to upload all of it. I gave up after 5 minutes of attempting to upload my 3000 song library. Moof is a very useful way to listen to, store, and discover new music, without taking up massive amounts of hard drive space.

Imeem by Melanie Higgins
Imeem is a social networking site designed with music as its main focus. Since its creation in 2003, it has thousands of users that upload and share music every day. I have been using Imeem for two years, and am constantly finding new music, creating playlists, and posting opinions and comments on the site. My favorite feature is the “play a recommended song” button. This feature sorts through all the songs in your preexisting libraries, to identify new songs that you might enjoy. Music is free with an online membership to the site. One thing that could be improved is the fact that when a song is downloaded incorrectly the site marks it as a 30 second song instead of a full-length song. Also the site doesn’t clearly mark the official song, and many unnecessary covers of the song show up in replacement. Although music cannot be downloaded off of the site, it directs you to Itunes in order to purchase it. The quality of the website is very good. It is a great way to find and share music.

Tuberadio.fm by Mike Tomin
Tuberadio.fm: Online Music Organized and Accessible
Over time, not only has music evolved, but the way people listen to music has become more user oriented. It started with sites like Pandora, where users could give the name of a song or artist, and a playlist was created based on their taste. When introduced, Pandora was popular among internet users. This evolved into similar sites, as well as Apple’s own “Genius”, a tool implemented into iTunes to help users find music they may like. After playing with a new site, Tuberadio.fm, I have noticed advantages it possesses over tools such as Pandora and Genius. Tuberadio.fm organizes music that is available in the Youtube library and makes it readily available to anyone who has access to a computer with internet connection. It works similar to Pandora, yet Tuberadio takes it a step further and allows users to pick individual songs to add to playlist. Playlist can then be saved to their accounts and accessed from any computer. The best part about this service is its completely free and convenient, as well as contains a huge database of music.

TubeRadio by Samantha Bailey
The tuberadio.fm site is like YouTube.com in that it will find music and videos that one is searching for. It’s a great concept of strictly music where one can create their own play lists. It’s free to sign up and make a “profile” where one can have their favorite music waiting for them to click “play” and enjoy.
While navigating this site, it was very easy to get the concept and use. There was a “how to” video on how to find and make your own play lists. I liked it so much that I signed up and created my own screen name so I could listen to whatever music I want at any time from my computer. The only problem I found with the site is that a few of my favorite songs (mostly rap and hip hop) weren’t under the artists’ names. In order to find them, and some I never did, I had to specifically enter the name of the song. Despite the songs that weren’t on the site, a good variety of songs were available.

Guitarati by Willis Farnsworth
Guitarati is a wonderful site for music listeners who see music in colors. If you’re in a dark mood, feel free to choose the darker colors. If you’re in a romantic mood, choose red. Or, if you’re in a jolly mood choose yellow. By relating music to color, you are able to combine the two to accurately express feelings and emotions. The site is set up in an orderly manner. As you scroll down, there is a barrage of colors. You decide upon your mood and make a choice. After doing so, a list constructs itself underneath the colors. From this list, you see a list of songs. If you feel like limiting your search, you can select the scroll bar and choose your favorite music genre. Artist can upload their own music and select their own price for the song. Every time their song is played or bought, they earn money, 75% of all earnings and they are transferred into their account. There is a lot of promise in this website and it is all just a click away.

Last.fm by Kinsey Avery
Last.fm is a helpful website for finding out information about artists that you are interested in or are already fans of. One can choose from all different genres of music. The website tells you all of the artists top albums, other bands similar to them and if they are on tour and allows you to make shout outs. The website give a bibliography of the artist, what type of music they play and shows pictures. There is also a Hype chart, which is of artists who are building buzz. Last.fm has free music downloads and videos accessible. The purpose of the website is clear: one types in a band or artist they like, then the website recommends music, videos, and concerts based on what they listen to. I think overall the website is a good idea because it is fast and easy to use. I liked that the website gave information about the artist because it makes it easy to follow them. Overall the website is very helpful when searching for new or old artists.

Skreemr.com by Leah Arreguin
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a website were one could discover, create and share music? At Skreemr.com all of this is made possible. Apart from being the world’s greatest mp3 search engine it is also easy to use and very accommodating. The home page displays a tool bar where one simply types in the name of their favorite song or band and with one click you get a very good and lengthy list of songs and bands that are similar to the song or band that you like. Once you find something that you like, one can download it as a ringtone or onto an mp3 player. This search engine also provides an “audio rank” which is a scoring system capable of picking out the best sound quality. In addition, the site also offers upcoming artist/musicians the chance to display their music for people to view. From all of this, people are able to create and discover music and share what they have found with friends, family…etc. For these reasons, Skreemr is an excellent Web 2.0 tool for those who have passion and love for music.

TubeRadio by Sarah Machado
TubeRadio is like a combination of YouTube and iTunes. After signing up for an account, users can search for a song or artist and all of the albums that they have will come up. Like iTunes, users can add and remove albums to and from their playlists. Users can also share playlists and rename them. By clicking on a song, users can edit its name and artist. Like YouTube, after clicking on a song in your playlist, the music video for the song comes up for you to watch and rate. Users also have the option to watch the video in high quality and full screen. When watching a video, users can look at the song’s lyrics on the side, read the biography of the song, and view similar songs to the video they are watching. On TubeRadio, users have access to all videos that are on YouTube; there is an option of buying the albums on Amazon, but to listen to them on TubeRadio it’s free! TubeRadio seems like a cool new way to listen and share music online.

TubeRadio by Dalton Stokes
I chose to review the TubeRadio website because I am a huge fan of music. Once on the site I immediately noticed how easy it is to search for songs and artists. The layout it quite similar to iTunes so I caught on very fast. Essentially, the site is a database for all music posted on Youtube. By typing in any artist, one can chose from a number of albums and songs, also there is a little streaming video in the bottom left corner. One of the best features of the website is the ability to instantly create a play list. Each time an artist is searched and an album is added, a new play list is formed in a column on the left. These allows the user to go back to artists they have previously searched and listen to songs without looking them up a second time, similar to internet history. They only downside to the site would be how many songs one can actually listen to. Not all the songs can be found on Youtube, therefore one might only get 15 out of 20 songs from a certain ACDC album.