MERLOT in Virtual Worlds – CLIVE

The MERLOT Center for Learning in Virtual Environments (CLIVE) Taskforce is continuing the development of a new Teaching Commons for educators active or curious about teaching in virtual worlds. We will soon have a virtual environments community in the MERLOT collection where users can submit their materials and find materials that others have created. Whether open, user-created worlds like Second Life or structured gaming environments like World of Warcraft, CLIVE will provide an array of evidence-based “use cases” accessible via the web or from within virtual worlds, themselves. MERLOT members will have the ability to search through, compare, contrast, and discuss expert-vetted 3D learning environments materials across platforms and disciplines appropriate to their classrooms.

In an effort to develop this new community most effectively, The CLIVE Taskforce requests that MERLOT members who use virtual environments in their teaching take a moment to complete this survey: It will take about three minutes to complete it.

CLIVE Island in Second Life, the first space for MERLOT in a virtual world may be found at, while the CLIVE MERLOT space on the web is If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Jonathon Richter: or CSU Chico’s representative task force member, Ann Steckel at X6780.


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