8 Things Faculty Should Know about Online Quizzes

Because the Internet is NOT fool-proof, allow some flexibility in your assessment plans. Here are some helpful ideas that work using Blackboard Vista’s assessment tool.

1. CSU Chico students will automatically be logged out of Vista after 60 minutes of non-activity.
Best Practice: For long assessments, show one question per page so activity is ongoing and allow students to revisit the questions.

2. In order to randomize question delivery, questions must be organized in question SETs.
Best Practice: Organize questions using the set part of the assessment creator first. Then create the quiz criteria and click the randomize question option.

3. Questions cannot be changed by faculty while students are taking the quiz.
Best Practice: Proofread the questions first by taking the test as the “Demo Student.” If an error or edit has been missed, wait until all students have finished the Quiz, make the modification, and update all outdated attempts to rescore. (Not sure how to update all outdated attempts? Call TLP at x6167 for clarification.)

4. Create a practice quiz and/or other low stakes assessment first, before assigning a high stakes exam.
Best Practice: Ask for student feedback on how you use assessments online.

5. The quiz availability period should be at least as long as the quiz duration, if not longer.
Best Practice: Keep the window of availability open for student who may accidentally be logged off while taking an assessment. If availability is closed, then those students cannot log back in to complete the assessment.

6. Include in your directions that students should call STCP immediately if having any trouble with their quiz or connectivity.
Best Practice: There will then be a time-stamped record of their problem for you to verify fact from fiction.

7. Make-up quizzes, and quizzes for students with special needs, can be easily created as a copy of an existing quiz and made available to specific students.
Best Practice: Do not name the test with the time accommodation by using a student name. Each added quiz will get a NEW column in the Vista gradebook and others can view these columns.

8. Online quizzes have just as much a chance for cheating as do face-to-face quizzes.
Best Practice: Students are more likely to cheat on high stakes exams, than low stakes exams. Use online quizzes frequently, in small chunks and for smaller point values. Consider using several quizzes as a cumulative score.

To learn more helpful hints about using Blackboard Vista call TLP and ask for a consultation with one of us! We will be happy to work with you.

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