Viewing Assessment Stats in Vista

Recently we have received several inquires as to how to view statistics associated with a question used in an assessment given in Vista. William Middlebrook, a student staff worker in the TLP lab recently wrote out the steps to share how easy this process is. If you like this VISA tip and would like to see more, please check out our Vista Knowledge Base or our tutorials and demos.

Viewing Assessment Stats in Vista
1) Navigate to the teach tab.
2) Select the assessment manager tool and click on the name of the quiz you wish to view statistics for.
3) Next to the blue title of the quiz there will be a grey drop down action links arrow. Click the action links arrow and select view reports.
4) Next select overall statistics button and click run report.
5) As the default, the report will be displayed “by student”.
6) Above the last name column Show: View by Student will be selected. In order to view by question select View by Question.
7) You will see numeric stats for each question.
8 ) Click Printable Statistics View and the stats will include graphs.

William Middlebrook, Student Staff
Technology & Learning Program

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