TILT: Tweaking Blackboard Vista for Big Pay Offs

icon_blog_tiltWhat: “Tweaking Vista for Big Pay Offs”
Who: Robert C. Jones, Department of Philosophy
When: Previously recorded on Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Where: Online as an Archive

One of the biggest challenges facing professors in reading-heavy disciplines such as Humanities and Social Sciences is getting your students to read the required materials. Classroom discussions based on assigned readings that few students have taken the time to study can be less-than fruitful. Further, students who are required to take tests and quizzes on these readings often end up having to “cram” for these exams. However, if you use Vista (which you should), incorporating just a few key tweaks in the design of your course can bring big payoffs for you and your students. In this presentation Robert Jones will show you some of those tweaks and discuss the substantial benefits that have resulted since my implementing them just two semesters ago.

What is TILT?
The Technology in Learning and Teaching consortium is an informal research and interest group consisting of faculty, staff, and others with interests or experience in technology as it relates to learning and teaching. You can attend these faculty presentations in person, live online through the Internet, or via a later archive. For more information, visit the TILT Web page: www.csuchico.edu/tlp/tilt. Presentations take place on Wednesdays in MLIB 031, in the basement of Meriam Library.

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For questions, information or suggestions for future TILT sessions please contact Ann Steckel at X6780 or asteckel[at]csuchico.edu.

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