TILT: The California Arts Podcast Project

What: The California Arts Podcast Project
Who: Asa Mittman, professor with the Art and Art History Department
When: Pre-recorded on Wednesday, March 10 at 3:30 p.m. pacific time
Where: An Archive Online in Wimba Classroom

This talk will focus on the use of Wimba Podcaster to allow students to
have a more lasting impact than in traditional assignments, to take
their work beyond the grade I give it, so that it is has a real-world
use. The assignment is for the students to make their own short online
lectures based on a work of art they must visit in person. They
photograph of it, locate it on a Google Map, and publish a podcast of it
on a public California Art Podcasts website I created at Netvibes:


Students write and record a two-minute podcast discussing the work of
art, using the Wimba Voice Podcaster Tool link in our Blackboard Vista
course page, and paste their text into the Wimba tool to provide closed
captions for the hearing impaired. Through an RSS feed, the podcasts
are automatically uploaded to the Netvibes site.

In contrast, this assignment gives students a change to publish their
efforts, to reach toward a much broader audience. There work creating
these podcasts was not merely an exercise. It was a finished product.
I wondered how the students would react to this experimental assignment,
and was delighted by the ways in which they rose to the challenge. Many
produced excellent podcasts. As a class, they have produced a resource
for the public, an audio guide to public art in the region. I also
wondered, though, if anyone would use this resource we were creating. I
have been most gratified to see that the site has had more than three
thousand hits since its launch only two months ago. This is solid
quantitative indication of the impact that the assignment has been able
to have. I plan to use this assignment again when I next offer this
course, and will simply allow the Netvibes site to grow with ever semester.

What is TILT?

The Technology in Learning and Teaching consortium is an informal research and interest group consisting of faculty, staff, and others with interests or experience in technology as it relates to learning and teaching. You can attend these faculty presentations in person, live online through the Internet, or via a later archive. For more information, visit the TILT Web page: http://www.csuchico.edu/tlp/tilt. Presentations take place on Wednesdays in MLIB 031, in the basement of Meriam Library.

Viewing a TILT Symposium Online
Participant Logins do not require a password for this presentation.

For questions, information or suggestions for future TILT sessions please contact Ann Steckel at X6780 or asteckel[at]csuchico.edu.


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