SouthWest Blackboard Users Group – CSU Chico Second Life Reception Information

CSU Chico will proudly host the first South West Blackboard Users Group (SWBUG) reception in Second Life on March 16 at 4pm Pacific time. We have Kelvin Blue Oh, a blues guitarist playing live from Texas, free tee shirts, mugs, dancing, and lots and lots of conversation. So make some time to come meet folks from other universities as well as people from Blackboard. Students are welcome too!

How To Participate:

You will need a Second Life account. Go to and look for the join button top right.
Create your avatar when you create the account. Use an easily spelled and remembered name and an email account that you check (your offline messages go to it). Pick a password you can remember.

Download and install the client (viewer). The new Linden viewer V2 (beta) is out. It is still very new and sometimes buggy. There are alternate clients like Emerald. I am using Emerald, which is a lot like the original viewer but with some awesome features. Don’t forget to download the voice patch if you choose this route. Hippo is also another client used by many SL residents.

You need a decent computer to access a 3-D environment. SL is no exception. Once you learn about the client, settings can be tweaked to maximize graphics performance.

Start up the Second Life client and enter your avatar name and password. You will land in the new people area. You can find very limited support there, however here is the page with the 800 numbers.

We can be found here in Second Life:
(click the link while the viewer is open and teleport to spot)

You can always do a search for me, Olivia Hotshot, in Second Life and ask me to teleport you to the event.

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