CELT Presentation – Pedagogy of New Technologies

The list below contains links to some of the information and resources to be discussed at the CELT presentation to be given on Wednesday, March 24 in MLIB 31 at 2:00 p.m.

The Horizon Report – a report from the New Media Center that “charts the landscape of emerging technologies for teaching, learning and creative inquiry…”

Mobile Computing Example 1 year or less
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Mobile Tours
This application provides a multimedia gallery tour to allow visitors to explore SFMOMA’s extraordinary collection through a handheld touchscreen device.

Open Content 1 year or less for adoption
eScholarship: University of California
eScholarship provides a suite of open access, scholarly publishing services and research tools associated with the University of California.

Electronic Books 2 – 3 years for adoption
DeepDyve is the largest online rental service for scientific, technical and medical research.

Augmented Reality 2 – 3 Years for adoption
The Virtual Time Machine “allows people to see and discover much more than they would normally be able to by overlaying information and images in real time on photos and video taken using a mobile device.”

Gesture-Based Computing 4 – 5 Years for adoption
Microsoft Surface for Students The Surfaces, coffee-table-sized computerized devices that respond not to a mouse, but to fingertips are now at the University of Nevada, Reno.


Google Moderator is an application that lets audience members decide which questions, suggestions or ideas interest them most. Submitted questions are then voted upon by the audience and the most popular questions rise to the top.The voting box at the top of page focuses attention on submissions recently added and on the rise, making it simple and easy to participate. It is a perfect way to include people in lectures, interviews and collaborative work situations.

Application Resource

Go2web20 is one of the biggest web2.0 directories on the Internet. This site enables people to stay up to date with all the new & hot applications that arrive daily on the Internet.

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