How Instructional Technology Consultants Can Create Successful Redesigns

Given the current environment of course re-evaluation and redesign, an instructional technology consultant (ITC) can be an invaluable resource for professors. An ITC can provide numerous services and technology solutions, as well as give advice or guidance. Below is a short list of some examples you may not have thought about.

An ITC can:

    help professors develop structure and form that creates an environment where students engage in active learning.

    provide expertise with creating activities, time lines and enforceable deadlines that keep students on task.

    explain methods that use technology to reward students for their good work.

    develop course assessments to provide feedback for future re-evaluation and course development.

    explain and demonstrate technologies that incorporate multiple learning styles and accessibility.

    offer ideas to connect with students, students with their peers, and cultivate a sense of community.

If you are interested in meeting with an ITC here at CSU, Chico, please contact one of us to arrange for an appointment.

For more information about this article, you may want to read, Six Principles of a Successful Course Redesign by The Teaching Professor.


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