Faculty Use of Student Feedback in the LMS

One of the categories of the Rubric for Online Instruction, Number 6 to be specific, Faculty Use of Student Feedback, is an area that is often neglected. It takes extra work for faculty to construct multiple opportunities for students to give feedback on course content and often students don’t participate in these surveys since they are “not for credit.” As a result, student opinions about the ease of the online environment and accessibility of materials go unheard and course glitches often go unfixed.

In an optimal situation, faculty should be surveying students after about two weeks into the course, at mid-semester, and finally at the close. If conducted at specific intervals, faculty can benefit from the information by refining the Vista section to be more efficient and smooth any issues before they become show stoppers. Faculty will also benefit directly by allowing technology to enable them to become more effective workers and time managers.

The assessment tool in Vista provides a quick way to create a survey and obtain timely feedback. To view a tutorial about assessment creation please view this web page, Creating and Editing Assessments. As always TLP is here to help. Appointments with a consultant or time with our student staff in the Empowerment Lab are always available.

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