Sync Bookmarks with Xmarks Browser Add-On

Looking to sync all your bookmarks?  Xmarks bookmarks sync tool is a browser add-on that enables users to sync bookmarks from anywhere.  This is a great tool because it’s a simple browser add-on that can be installed to be used in conjunction with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.  To use Xmarks, users download the add-on, create an account and it’s ready to use.  With Xmarks users can take their current bookmarks, store them on the xmarks server, which then allows them to be accessed from anywhere.  Once bookmarks are on the xmarks server, install the add-on and the bookmarks will sync directly from the server.  In conclusion, if users have bookmarks they want to access from anywhere, Xmarks is a great product to consider.

One thought on “Sync Bookmarks with Xmarks Browser Add-On

  1. We’re using this in our faculty lab now to make sure that all computers have the same bookmarks and that new bookmarks that are useful are available on all of the computers on all browsers immediately. I’m very impressed with how it’s solved a problem. Thanks for researching this and setting it up!


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