Nine Important Trends in the Evolution of Digital Content in Higher Education

Recently, Rob Reynolds, Editor-in-Chief for The Xplanation, gave a presentation about nine important trends regarding the evolution of digital content.  His article, Nine Important Trends in the Evolution of Digital Content in Higher Education, focuses on the increasing availability of digital content, including ways in which users access and purchase it. 

One of the main points Reynolds addresses is the disaggregation of digital content and the break up of the traditional text book model.  Reynolds states, “disaggregated content has been seriously afoot ever since iTunes appeared and we started talking about songs instead of albums.”  This same principle applies for the sale of textbooks content and e-learning apps. 

Another important point mentioned in the article is the increase in the textbook rentals and the e-textbook market.  Reynolds mentions that the text industry is now realizing two important realities, cost and real need. According to Reynolds, even rentals will go away as less used texts become available and only digital will remain.

Lastly, the article pinpoints the move from evolution to innovation and revolution of digital content.  To access the full article on nine important trends in the evolution of digital content click here.

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