Clickers just got easier! Training the Week of November 15-19th

Reserve Your Seat!

Turning Technologies will be on campus soon, to provide training for anyone interested in using clickers in their classroom. Whether you are a new user, or an experienced instructor utilizing clickers, we are providing customized training to fit your needs. One of the most valuable training sessions we will have this week is on Results Manager.

Check our training calendar and register for training now!

Classes being offered

Using Results Manager

Results Manager makes clickers a WHOLE LOT EASIER!
Allowing instructors to manage results stored in session files from Turning Technologies’ software. Import all results directly into Blackboard. Simplifying and eliminating issues revolving around matching students to their clickers and pulling participant lists. Track participant performance over a period of time to determine cumulative scores or statistics for individuals and groups. Ensure that objectives are met and learning has occurred with our easy-to-use application for tracking and reporting.

Introduction to Clickers

New Users (Turning Point): A slightly more in-depth look at Turning Point than the combined session, this workshop is designed to not only let an instructor use Turning Point in their classroom, but also master a few of the more advanced features, such as Reports, RePolling, and Session Management.

TurningPoint Anywhere

Turning Point Anywhere: This session will cover all aspects of Turning Point Anywhere, from running a session, to tracking participants, to creating a participant lists. If time allows, all advanced topics will be covered as well, such as Session Management and the Registration Tool.

Intro to Clickers and TP Anywhere

A workshop that covers both Turning Point and Turning Point Anywhere, this program will allow an instructor to learn the basics of both programs, from tracking participants to running a session. After completing this workshop, an instructor should feel comfortable running either application in their classroom.

Clicker User Group

Design a class to fit you or your department’s needs! We are able to add classes at alternate times and customize classes to fit your needs. Let us know what you are looking for! Contact Laura Sederberg, for more information.

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