Provost: No more instructor-written course packs at the Bookstore – use Vista or e-Reserves

Message from the Provost regarding the sale of course materials:

The University has discontinued the consignment of course materials in the Associated Students Bookstore for which individual members of the faculty receive a direct payment or have funds transferred from sales to a foundation account.

In accordance with conflict of interest policies in the FPPP 1.3.a.1., “faculty are prohibited from personally profiting from the local sale of course materials to CSU, Chico students unless the materials are the result of substantial creative effort by the faculty member and have undergone substantial peer review.” For these materials, the faculty profit is limited to 10% of the sales price. The Associated Students Bookstore began adhering to this provision in Fall 2010. Faculty who believe that their materials fit this criterion should confer with their college dean. Their dean will then consult with the Provost.

Course guides, homework or lab manuals can be posted in the VISTA course site or on the Library’s E-Reserve. For more information, please see

For more information, please see FPPP 1.3.a.1 and EM 92-43. Questions regarding this action may be directed to Judy Bordin in Faculty Affairs.

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