Blackboard’s Next Phase

With the recent announcement that CSU, Chico will begin the process of moving from Blackboard Vista to Blackboard Learn, users might be wondering if the mega corporation has changed from a company gobbler to customer-caring business. According to employees who have recently visited the campus, Blackboard is indeed refocusing itself and is placing more emphasis on its customers’ experience. According to today’s Inside Higher Ed, Blackboard’s corporate strategy is changing:

“Blackboard built its e-learning empire on its learning management system, trading legal blows with some competitors and gobbling up others as it raced to satisfy demand for a technology that had rapidly become de rigueur in higher education.”

“That period of conquest is now over. Last fall, close to 95 percent of institutions had some learning management system in place, according to the Campus Computing Project. Accordingly, Blackboard’s business strategy is changing: with the company adding four new, separately licensed products to its menu in the last three years, Blackboard expects that it will soon no longer rely on Learn, its popular learning management system, to bring home the bacon. ”

To continue reading please go to the article by Steve Kolowich, which appeared in the February 22 issue of Inside Higher Ed.

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