TILT: Teaching in Second Life

Wed. April 27 at 2:30 p.m.
Presenter: Michael Coyle (POLS)
Location: Meriam Library room 031

The Technology in Learning and Teaching (TILT) lecture series on using interactive web technology to expand student learning opportunities continues with “Exploiting Virtual Worlds For Real World Learning and Teaching Challenges: Using Second Life to Teach About Diversity,” a presentation by instructor Michael Coyle of the CSU Chico Political Science Dept. about his success using the Second Life virtual world as a teaching and learning environment.

Coyle says, “In my presentation I detail how I have used and how other teachers can use the Second Life metaverse (an internet-based, virtual social space that allows users to create identities and interact at length with other users and their created identities) to achieve learning objectives related to diversity. ”

After attending this presentation, says Coyle,  “Participants will own new strategies for teaching about diversity, possess new ideas for using technology inside and outside the classroom, have new skills for teaching inside students’ comfort zone, experience greater ease around teaching issues of diversity, and get new pedagogical and technological avenues to develop their teaching repertoire. ”

Coyle emphasizes that, “It is often very difficult to open up students to consider experiences beyond those that their lives, histories and bodies have allowed them to have.  When students use Second Life, they interact in social environments using alternate identities, and these experiences transform their understanding of what it means to participate in groups with whom they have no previous experience.”

One thought on “TILT: Teaching in Second Life

  1. Seriously? Teaching in Second Life? That’s so cool — I could go to class without leaving my apartment, but still get all the social benefits of participation with other students.


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