Events in Second Life, August 2011

Topic: Second Life Community Convention 2011

Date and Place: August 12 – 14, 2011, Oakland, CA  Oakland Marriott City Center

Summary: The Second Life Community Convention is three days of exciting activities, events, musical performances, machinima screenings, panels, workshops, and much more that showcases the abundant creativity of Second Life Residents.  SLCC is organized BY Resident FOR Residents, and they invite you to join the  fun!
Convention tracks: Artistic & Creative Expression, Commerce & Marketing, Developers & Open Source, Public Sector & Education, and Social Experience & Communities


Topic: “ Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing?”  Meet the author, participate in the discussions.

Date and Time: August 22, 2011 at5 PM (meet the author), then August 25, 2011 at 6 PM, and continuing every Thursday until the book has been covered.

Contact: Austen Rae

Summary: The Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) Second Life Team is
proud to announce a book study about “Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing?”  They will meet at VSTE Island in Second Life for a kick-off meeting and will meet the author  in Second Life and discuss chapter one. Subsequent chapters will be discussed on the followingThursdays beginning
August 25, 2011 at 9 PM EDT (6 PM SLT), and continuing every Thursday until we finish the book.



Topic: Building your virtual community

Date and Time: August 13 (Building Community), 20 (Using Simple Tools), 27 (Building for Events) at 1:00pm (PST)

Summary: The AAUW Virtual Community Project will be held in August, offering three workshops on building a virtual world community.  If you have been thinking of  teaching in virtual worlds, these free workshops will be useful to you.  The workshops are at the beginner level.  You can attend an informal orientation session in the hour preceding the workshop to be tutored on avatar controls and tools.  During the workshops you will be given a set of free and customizable tools, will be shown how to use these tools (written instructions are also included in your teacher toolkit) and will have the time to practice.  For instructions on how to attend follow this link.


Topic: Second Life Community Convention 2011

Date and Time: Sundays at 5:00pm PST

Summary: The Second Life Left Unity Feminsts Discussion group meets every Sunday at 2 pm Pacific (5 pm Eastern) Time. This is an open discussion:  bring your own questions, topics, suggestions. They are an informal group, everyone is welcome.


For an extensive calendar of Second Life events for educators:

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For questions about Second Life call or email the TLP
James Aird x6167 or
Ann Steckel x6780

Maximising Turnitin with GradeMark & PeerMark

See how you can use Turnitin for more than just originality checking. GradeMark saves time and improves feedback through online grading where standard and customized marks appear directly on the student’s paper. Peermark engages students in the writing process by providing structured, anonymous feedback of other student’s written work.

Date: Thursday, August 4, 2011
Time: 6 AM PST
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June and Early July Bb Learn Transition Team Progress Report

BB Learn Logo

June was another busy month for the Bb Learn learning management system (LMS) Transition Teams, with progress on several fronts moving forward toward the rollout of the LMS to 14 pilot faculty in August.


“Our production Learn system is up and running!”  says Scott Kodai, Manager, Distributed Learning Technologies (DLT) and Classroom Technology Services. “We are now running Bb Learn 9.1 Service Pack 6 (the latest version available) on our production system. We are currently tweaking settings and configuring building blocks, but we expect to create accounts for the pilot faculty very soon. We continue to make progress on our automated migration application, with a working beta version currently installed on our staging system while we find and resolve any remaining bugs.”

In conjunction with Kodai’s team’s rollout of Bb Learn prep areas to selected staff, the Technology and Learning Program (TLP) student staff under the supervision of Peter DiFalco in the TLP empowerment lab have been diligently testing functionality, troubleshooting,  and exploring practical applications of the tools available to instructors and students in the new LMS. Documentation of comparisons between equivalent tools in Blackboard Vista and Bb Learn is being compiled in wikis that will eventually be of great assistance to instructors as they migrate courses into the new LMS.

From July 11-14 DLT and TLP staff members attended the BBWorld conference in Las Vegas, and breaking from that city’s traditional slogan, what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas—our next report will center on knowledge and ideas brough back from that gathering of Bb Learn expert users, administrators, and tech support specialists.

As TLP manager Laura Sederberg says, “We plan to pick the brains of all we meet at this international conference. We hope to gain tips and tricks and share best practices with colleagues we have met through our Bb Learn Cohort program.”

Watch this space for further reporting on outcomes brought back from this event.