Turnitin has a NEW Feature: the ETS® e-rater®

iParadigms, the company that makes Turnitin, has announced that ETS® e-rater® grammar tool is now available within GradeMark. According to company literature, “the e-rater grammar tool delivers automated feedback on grammar, style, mechanics, usage and spelling, saving instructors time while providing them with more effective feedback on the student writing process.”

Integrated with GradeMark, e-rater marks can be layered with other writing tools: Originality Check for plagiarism prevention and PeerMark for online peer reviewing.

The e-rater technology automatically flags grammar, style, usage, mechanics and spelling errors so instructors can spend less time correcting and more time teaching.

Students can view their e-rater marks that link to grammar handbooks that are grade-appropriate. For English language learners, handbooks are available in ten languages.

How to turn on the ETS® e-rater® feature

DATE: Monday, August 22, 2011
Sign Up Here
Attend a one-hour webinar and learn how the new automated feedback from GradeMark with the ETS e-rater tool improves students’ written work.
Topics to be covered:
– instructors save time by streamlining the evaluation process
– students receive richer feedback and access to self-help tools
– educators meet requirements for communication and critical thinking skills


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