Chico Faculty Begin Bb Learn Pilot

This summer pilot faculty took an initial training workshop and began creating courses in the new campus learning management system, Blackboard Learn. These 14 faculty and their approximately 1,000 students, represent all colleges (except Agriculture). They will be piloting the new system and providing their feedback and insights for all of us to benefit throughout this fall semester.

The following professors are a part of the pilot group:

Rony Garrido, Foreign Languages, SPAN 301
Cris Guenter, Department of Education, EDCI 675
Benjoe Juliano, Computer Science, Departmental Community
Jon Knolle, Department of Communication, CDES 271
Scott Kodai, Management, MGMT 303
Bill Maligie, Finance and Marketing, SCMS 306
Jennifer Meadows, Communication Design, CDES 307
Ron Pike, Acct and Management Information Systems, MINS 301
Brian Oppy, Psychology, PSYC 333
Renee Renner, Computer Science, CSCI 380
Kathryn Schifferle, Finance & Marketing, MKTG 305
Kui-Hee Song, Social Work, SWRK 302
Katie Whitlock, Theatre, THEA 250
Tom Wilder, Business, BSIS 602

TLP is hoping to have about half the Chico State faculty trained over the fall semester with the goal of using Bb Learn to teach with in the spring 2012 semester. The balance of the faculty will follow in fall of 2012.

Departmental Training Opportunity
TLP is offering on a first-come, first-served basis, “custom training” for departments. This is the same method used in the past when the campus transitioned to Vista. We would like to train in customized cohorts so faculty groups can learn together and help one another. This benefits your students, too! Please contact Laura Sederberg to schedule departmental trainings – the sooner, the better. This workshop, Transition to Learn, requires a 90-minute block of time. Based on departmental needs it can be modified.

Training this Fall
Additional trainings will be available for individual faculty members. More workshops are currently in development, and will be announced next month. Faculty must attend a Transition to Vista workshop before being allowed to teach with Bb Learn next spring. For more information about our move to Bb Learn, please watch this TLP Blog, and visit the TLP website

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