New Content Editor in Bb Learn replaces the old text editor

New Content Editor

Bb Learn has a new Content Editor! The new editor is sleek and clean, and can do a few things better than the other previous version, including editing your HTML files from Vista directly and pasting text from Word easily. Here are a few highlights:

Paste From Word directly: Missing from the new mashup submenu is the “Paste from Word” function. We are happy to announce that the functionality of pasting from Word has been integrated into the editor and does not require an additional step. Just copy from the Word .doc and insert your cursor where you want the text to be and paste (keyboard shortcut or from the Edit menu).

Tool visibility: Initially, many of the tool buttons are hidden in a collapsed toolbar. Click the “down arrow” on the far right of the tool bar to expand the tool set. Once expanded the system will remember your preference.

Mashup tool icon change: The mashup tool icon image has been changed from a grid-like image to a “plug.” Clicking on the plug opens the sub-menu allowing access to the Flickr, YouTube, SlideShare, and Wimba Voice Authoring.

Cut, Copy, Paste. In some browsers, neither the tool buttons nor a right click on the mouse will invoke these common editing functions. Use the keyboard shortcuts (control-C,V,P or command-C, V or P) or select from the browser’s Edit menu to Cut, Copy or Paste.

For more information on the new Content Editor see the Blackboard help page here.