Wildcat accounts can now access many Google services including YouTube, Maps, Blogger and more.

Google Apps for Education LogoStudents, faculty and staff can now access many more Google apps by logging into Google through their Wildcat account (http://www.csuchico.edu/google) or by using their Google wildcat account email address as the login name at a standard Google login screen.

Previously, Wildcat accounts were only able to access the Google Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sites and Talk services. The campus has now enabled access to many Google services including YouTube, Maps, Blogger, Picasa, Google+ and more. The full list of apps is available on the ITSS Knowledge Base. Through these services students, faculty and staff with Wildcat accounts can create and share many kinds of content. Just like Wildcat mail, these services are provided at no cost by Google and access is governed by the campus’s electronic resources use policy.

Technical support for using these services is provided primarily by Google, at http://support.google.com.  Faculty who wish to use Google services in their teaching are encouraged to contact the Technology & Learning Program to meet with an Instructional Technology Consultant who may provide advice on how to implement these services for instruction. For more information and a complete list of the enabled Google services, see the Google Apps for Education area of the TLP Knowledge Base: https://wiki.csuchico.edu/confluence/x/wQ-xAQ.


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