Faculty say good things about Bb Learn

Many faculty have already adopted Bb Learn for their courses last spring. Here is what some of them had to say about Bb Learn when asked…

Rony Garrido, Professor in Foreign Languages & Literature
“Since I arrived to CSUC in 2001, I have been using all web platforms available to our campus community and my main complaint about all of them has been the grade book and the urgent need for improvement in that area. With the way the grade book is set up in Blackboard Learn, I felt confident to start using it in a pilot course last year. For the first time, I am satisfied with the way this feature works. Most of all, the columns are easier to organize in whatever way fits the instructor’s style, whether it is a system with total points or percentages. Also, the reporting system is both flexible and efficient for students to check grades online or for the instructor to hold a private conference with a student. Overall, I believe this a vital improvement that will facilitate the monitoring of student progress.”

Cris Guenter, Professor in Education and Graduate Program Coordinator
“I am looking forward to using Bb Learn this semester because collaboration tools continue to expand and allow for innovative curriculum design. I am impressed with the ability to do weighted grading in the Bb Learn grade book. The direct connection between Bb Learn and Turnitin for grading papers will save me many hours of managing students’ papers and assignments. My students and I will have more time for exploring and processing content.”

Vivi McEuen, Professor in Communication Arts and Sciences
“Bb Learn is very effective in organizing materials for my students. It is easy to embed text, pictures and images, web links, and videos in a way that makes it easy for students to access the materials. Additional tools make it helpful to grade papers, post presentation recordings, etc. I’m using Turnitin, Kaltura Media, and group tools to provide the best learning environment for my students.”

Paula Selvester, Professor in Teacher Education
“Working with Bb Learn was not as scary as I thought it would be. The migration process was smooth. Modules came over along with web links and video; however, I am glad I gave myself time to reorganize, as it didn’t all come over into Bb Learn the way I expected. The editing tool was so easy to use. Building a course in Bb Learn went smoothly and the tools were intuitive. Making modules and moving information around is easy. Integrating multimedia within a module is also smooth. The environment looks professional and I think students will learn to navigate quickly.”

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