Not Your Grandmother’s Composition Class

National Writing ProjectRecently two Chico State writing instructors participated in an online conversation about teaching jumbo sections of Freshmen Composition that include innovative ways to teach and learn. On October 11th, Academy eLearning alumna and mentor, Kim Jaxon, and CSU Chico’s Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator, Chris Fosen, were guests on the National Writing Program radio show. During the conversation they explained how course redesign can work to accommodate a large number of students without losing the effectiveness of instruction.

This insightful 60-minute conversation details the steps they have taken to ensure that students are experiencing engaging class time with both professors and student mentors despite the jumbo scenario.

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Five Easy Ways to Create a Better Grade Center in Bb Learn

One of the challenges faculty face is keeping up with grading and entering grades into the grade book. It certainly helps to have a grade book that is organized, easily managed, and calculates student grades correctly. This article details five effective, yet easy ways to manage the grade center. Included in the article are tips on how to rearrange the columns in the Grade Center, how to place columns into categories, how to lock the students’ running average into an optimal position in the grade center, how to hide irrelevant columns, and how to colorize grade center cells.

For the full explanation to complete these processes, please read the entire story in our Bb Learn Knowledge Base.

If you would like in-person help, the TLP lab is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm for walk-ins. Consultants are also available to meet with those who have deeper questions.

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How to Create A Total Points Column in the Grade Center

One of the essential elements of the Blackboard Learn Grade Center is the column that keeps a running total of points accumulated throughout the semester by students. An easy way to calculate this grade is to use categories in the calculation for a Total Points column. No formulas are needed and the total points will calculate automatically and correctly at any point during the semester.

The process is fairly easy and can be built within a matter of minutes. Please read this article if you would like to be able to easily calculate grades and share them with students to keep them apprised of their progress.

If you would like more help with your Grade Center please stop in to TLP, Monday through Friday, from 9 – 5. You can also call 530-898-6167 and speak to one of our lab staff or schedule an appointment with a consultant.

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