The Wiki is back in Bb Learn – collaborators rejoice!

Wiki iconOver the last year, we were first thrilled to introduce the Wiki tool in Bb Learn and then disappointed that the Wiki tool suffered from a pernicious software bug which made the interface nearly unusable beginning in January 2012. At last, the Distributed Learning Technologies team and TLP are happy to announce that the Wiki has been fixed as of now! A wiki can be added to a content area from the “Tools” menu in your content area and it can also be granted as a group tool for your student teams to research and write collaboratively.

Bb Learn Wikis can be graded and will display individual student word counts to help you evaluate contributions. TLP’s Collaboration workshop will cover the Wiki tool and you can also get advice on how to use it with your classes by scheduling a consultation with an ITC or by watching Dr. Cris Guenter’s Bb Learn Spotlight presentation, where she demonstrates how her students used the Wiki to reflect on their explorations in Second Life.

Welcome back, Wiki.

Bb Learn wiki under the tools menu

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