Save Students Money while Transforming Teaching & Learning

CELT Presentation Next Week on Saving Students Money!

Please join us for a CELT session next week on new approaches for identifying affordable course materials:
Tap project banner
Save Students Money While Transforming Teaching and Learning
Friday, Nov. 9, 12:00-1:30 PM
MLIB Studio A
Brett Christie, Linda Riggins, James Tyler, Marc Langston, Jodi Shepherd, Laura Sederberg

In 2010, the CSU launched the Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) campaign to significantly reduce the cost of course materials for our students. The CSU has made significant progress toward this goal and momentum continues to build, as there are increasing free (open) and low-cost options. In addition to reducing the cost of course materials, newer technologies and formats are providing transformative possibilities for supporting teaching and learning. Given the changes afoot, the CSU is at an exciting crossroads to significantly change the way teaching and learning take place, while positively affecting both cost and quality. This session will provide an overview of AL$ and the resources and support available. In addition, this session will feature efforts at CSU Chico, including information about a new request for participation.

Please register at For more information, call Lee Altier at 898-3094.

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